18/11/2014 11:07 GMT | Updated 17/01/2015 05:59 GMT

The People's Politics - Why It's Time Voters Are Really Represented In Parliament

Perhaps we ought to start looking into The Green Party, or even The Animal Welfare Party, or rather than protest voting for the far right, protest vote by destroying our voting slips? Surely anything is better than voting for a party who're no better than the BNP?

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We all know that our politicians are becoming increasingly detached from the people who live in the real world, but the question is, do they know it? The way they carry on would suggest otherwise. All you need to do is turn on an episode of BBC's Question Time on a Thursday night, to see MPs playing the blame game; 'The previous Labour government did this... The previous Conservative government did that.' Yes, okay, we get it, when something goes wrong, you all like to blame each other.

So instead of blaming each other and becoming more and more detached from real life, resulting in a big part of the population opting to rather embarrassingly, vote for the UK Independence Party, why don't they listen to us? Labour - (to coin a phrase you'll frequently hear on Question Time) were responsible for the 'opening of the flood gates' when they were in power, in regards to immigration. Is immigration really a problem? Certain statistics I've come across from time to time suggest that the people in areas where there are in fact the least settled immigrants, tend to be more opposed to immigration, whereas places like London - multicultural places - are perfectly happy to live alongside people from all different backgrounds and all different nationalities. We see the politicians refer time and time again to the fact that immigrants contribute massively to our economy and of course they do! However, maybe considering the current state of the economy it is better to have stricter guidelines on immigration, until we're more into the black rather than struggling in the red.

I thought that the idea of leaving the EU was pretty straight cut for a country in our financial situation, right? Apparently not. Isn't it a case of; UKIP want to leave because as much as they believe in the freedom of British people to be able to settle wherever they please, they don't want any more bloody immigrants coming over and nicking our jobs. The Conservatives are - probably rightfully - saying they'll hold an in/out referendum on the EU, I expect they're also hoping that people see sense and vote to stay in. Labour are the only ones who seem to have any sense on the EU front - the only one of the mainstream parties who are sticking with the EU and the benefits that come with our membership.

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The benefit system is another area where people's opinions are brushed under the carpet, this is why we have a problem. Yes, we live in a supposed democracy, but how do we call it a democracy when the politicians neither represent nor understand the needs of this country? So as far as the basic concepts go - Labour would give you every benefit under the sun, which might not be for the best given our economic situation, whilst the Conservatives will take from the poor and give to the rich. So who actually represents the working people of Britain? Under Labour, those who don't want to work or claim they can't work are a major priority, whilst benefit thieves live off the tax payer day in, day out. Under the Conservatives, those who ought not be targeted by taxes such as the Bedroom Tax - disabled people, people who need carers, the elderly, etc - are hit by a tax that simply can not or has not been policed properly. Everything needs the creases ironing out of it when it first becomes law, but at what cost? A human cost, our cost, yet again.

So, UKIP are full of uneducated racists, their leader changing what he stands for every time he speaks to the media, first, the NHS needs to be privatised, but then as soon as they picked up a little support, no, no, we wouldn't do such a thing as privatise the NHS! (Side note; Maybe just a little 'update' and 'funding' for the health service here and there, probably from a Holocaust denier.) They also - according to a poll by 'i100' - have more male members called Dave and Steve, than they have support from women. Perhaps because Godfrey Bloom called a bunch of women, sluts, in 'jest'? Or perhaps because their supporters suggest that women who wear trousers, do so to purposely annoy men? The Conservatives aren't much better, with a mere 5 women holding cabinet titles. You wouldn't think that women were more than half of the population, would you?

While men like Michael Gove and the likes, destroy single-handedly, the area that they're in charge of, pushing teachers to feel even less valued as human beings, their work deemed practically irrelevant in comparison to what they're so under paid to deal with every day from rowdy, often apathetic teenagers, the world still goes on. Us normal people are the ones who actually have to deal with the consequences of these laws passed and these proposals put forward, whilst the politicians are happily making their way through paper work, on a flight to Australia - where the Prime Minister addressed the issue of terrorism control, rather than addressing our own parliament - living off a brilliant salary that they have 'earned' through misrepresenting those who vote for them.

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So while they compare their education from Eton and argue over which Miliband brother should have taken the leadership of Labour, they're practically ignoring global warming compared to countries like Denmark and Sweden, they're letting huge influential companies - football clubs - re-employ convicted rapists, whilst good, hard-working people end up voting for ridiculous parties like UKIP either through dissatisfaction with the main parties, or through lack of understanding because we don't teach politics in schools. If this is the case, then who do we vote for? Perhaps we ought to start looking into The Green Party, or even The Animal Welfare Party, or rather than protest voting for the far right, protest vote by destroying our voting slips? Surely anything is better than voting for a party who're no better than the BNP?