28/04/2016 11:42 BST | Updated 29/04/2017 06:12 BST

Destiny Vs Free Will

Do you ever have a feeling about something, but your head says one thing and your inner knowing says another?

Well I have that now. I don't believe in destiny, I believe you create your own destiny, I believe in free will. Apart from when I'm watching Dr Who and he talks about fixed points in time - and then it triggers my inner knowing and I believe deeply it's true that there are fixed points in time which can't be changed. So I guess my intuition does have a sense of destiny.

As much as I believe in free will, I also believe we signed up for something. We walked into this life with a mission, every single one of us. I believe we can miss the mission. But I believe there is an inner guidance that has set a course to fulfil that destiny. (Ugh I just used that word destiny again!)

Oprah Winfrey calls them 'innate moments of destiny'. She says that she hasn't reached hers yet. Which seems crazy with everything she's done, she may have to live until 109!

But I get what she's saying and I feel it. I live by my intuition. But sometimes it's confusing, because I believe there should always be a happy ending to every intuitively guided situation. But it isn't always happy, sometimes it feels like the harder pathway. Trusting your intuition involves a lot of trust, that everything that happens is a step towards that innate destiny.

So even when something within my thinking seems wrong, within my heart I'll get an illogical 'yes'!

The other inner voice is the one that pushes me to know that I am on a pathway to something I must fulfil and I haven't found it yet. It's invigorating when I hear the call clearly, but frustrating when I don't.

If I think about it, my life really hasn't been a mystery unfolding. I knew as a child I wouldn't get married or have children. What I have done throughout my life has been waiting to be wrong, rather than waiting to be right. Because the inner guidance hasn't been factual I have put more faith in uncertainty than I have in being certain that I am right about something I couldn't possibly know to be true, because it hasn't happened yet. What I have come to realise is that it is a colossal waste of time and slows down the speed at which I approach what I know to be true.

Doubt clogs the wheels of progress, although no matter how hard I try to change direction, it does seem this ship is captained by the sea and not me.

It's a blessing we don't know where we are heading. I'm sure I wouldn't get a wink of sleep if I knew, either from excitement or fear. But one thing I do know is that when you hear the wordless call you have inside of you, even if you have no idea what it means, you have to surrender to the guidance and trust that every move you make with your heart is the right one.

No matter how common sense may speak to you otherwise, you were born to do something, and even if you spend your life just seeking your destiny, it will be a life worth living.

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