19/03/2014 09:54 GMT | Updated 19/05/2014 06:59 BST

Somatic Intuition - How to Hear Your Body

The body is more than a tool by which we move through life; it is intelligent! Your body is a walking radio capable of picking up intuitive information. The body in many different ways is both the receiver and processor of intuition. Those messages not understood by you at the time are stored in the body. The body also stores emotional memories, the echoes of things we didn't allow ourselves to feel or deal with at the time. All of this also has a sound quality to it. You might not be able to hear it, but you can feel it when you are not in harmony with yourself.

Developing your somatic intuition means you are able to hear when your body is trying to tell you something about the food you're eating, your level of stress, your psychological well-being and how your environment is having an effect on the whole of you. Most of these things we have little awareness of until they show up and physical symptoms in the body.

The starting point in somatic intuition is to know what your body usually feels like. This doesn't mean that you have to run your hands over all of your lumps and bumps, but just to take note what it feels like to be you. For example, when you are moving around the house doing some odd jobs, you will feel one way. Put some music on and it will change the sound of your body. It might mean you move differently around the house. It might change your emotions even, but the focus here is the body. Now let's change the circumstance - you're watching TV and a disturbing image flashes on the screen; your body goes tense. These are all ways to simply acknowledge how your body acts to outside stimulus. Now if you get some intuitive information, the body will respond accordingly, but without the outside influence. You might not notice the change, but the more you know your body the more aware you will become of its state. I have been known, when walking with a friend, to direct them to cross the street with me, when we are already on the right side of the road for our destination. My friend starts to tell me we were on the right side already when a car takes the corner too sharply and would probably have hit us on the bend. When you work with somatic intuition, your body just moves. Not only out of danger, but towards the places and people that will give you the most benefit.

Here are nine simple things you can do to enhance your listening skills and embody your somatic intuition:

1. Conscious breathing! Try breathing into your abdomen for 10 breaths then into your chest for 10. Which feels the most relaxing?

2. Walk! As you walk through your day, keep checking in with your body. PUT YOUR HAND ON YOUR HEART. Bring yourself into your body and see how it feels at different times and while experiencing different things.

3. SING! I don't care if you think you can't when you sing you open your heart. Do you feel the freedom? If not sing until you do.

4. Play music! Feel how your body moves differently with and without the music.

5. Take a walk! Does your body feel different when you exercise? How do different surroundings affect how your body feels?

6. Hum! Put your hand on you face and hum, see if you can make your cheeks vibrate with the sound. Now put your hand on your forehead and see if you can change pitch until your head vibrates.

7. Laugh! See how your body feels while watching your favourite comedian or laughing with friends.

8. Massage your free! The feet have energy centres in them we can activate those with massage, it also feels great!

9. Watching TV! When you see a disturbing image does your body tense? Feel how your body changes.

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