Lady Geek Christmas Wishlist 2011

26/11/2011 00:41 GMT | Updated 25/01/2012 10:12 GMT

Each year tech companies will try and tell you what gadgets to get for Christmas by blabbing on about RIM, RAM and terrabytes. Yawn. And don't even get us started on the pink and sparkly gifts of season's past. But fear not - hopefully no returns will be necessary if you write this year's letter to Santa with a little help from Lady Geek. Whether you are looking to give or receive (or just receive...) we are bringing you our favourite gadgets that belong on everyone's wishlists.

Stocking Stuffers


First up for a fun stocking stuffer, the iStand offers a way to prop up your mobile phone in the stylish manner it truly deserves. It also doubles up as a nice grip for when you're sending out Boxing Day 'thank you' texts to everyone who got you something. Well, everyone who didn't buy you socks, anyway.

£4.49 at Lazybone

Hear-muffs Headphones

You probably never thought warm and cosy would be on the list of must haves for a pair of headphones until you saw this pair of wintery "hear-muffs". No need to compromise between warm ears and your music when out in the frosty weather. Crack on a carol or two and keep your ears toastier than chestnuts roasting on the proverbial.

£15 at John Lewis

XBOX Kinect Games Dance Central 2 and Sports Season 2

Need to work off the Christmas pud? The long awaited Dance Central 2 and Sports Season 2 are finally out on Kinect with even more fun features than the first time round. Whether it's challenging your boss to a "dance off" at the Christmas party or racing down a ski slope when you're snowed in with the family, these games have something for everyone. Just let your dinner go down first, eh?

Out soon at Game.

Under the Tree

Check out these bigger presents to go under the tree...

PURE Evoke Mio DAB Radio, Orla Kiely Abacus Edition

If you'd like to give your ears a rest (from ear buds, not your questionable taste in music) then this radio belongs on your wish list. There is something very satisfying about crystal clear Classic FM or 80's greatest hits being played into your home from something as stylish as this: the Orla Kiely print makes this gadget more than just easy on the ears, but easy on the eyes too. You can browse the airwaves or connect your iPod for instant gratification.

£149 at John Lewis

PURE ONE Flow, Portable DAB/FM/Internet Radio

...or if you'd prefer a radio that is a little more subtle and well, actually looks like a radio, the PURE ONE Flow, Portable DAB/FM/Internet Radio might be more your bag. It is even DAB's most affordable internet radio yet.

£86.99 at Amazon

Book Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod

Love your e-reader, but still feeling bad that you've abandoned the beautiful book? These chargers from Inbook are here to ease the guilt. Making a lovely addition to any nightstand, it also rids you of the tangled bedside mess of chords that comes from charging your favourite gadgets. This only includes the USB cord, so make sure you have the proper adapter if you want to plug directly into the wall. I hope this graces my bedroom before the new year.

Made to order from the Inbook Etsy Shop for about £35

Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi 6" E-Ink

I could go on and on about all the specs of the Kindle and its features, but why bother? You know what it can do. All that needs to be said is that the new Kindle is faster, lighter and cheaper than its predecessors, making it easier than ever to curl up on the sofa, cup of hot chocolate in one hand and 1,400 books in the other. Its e-ink display and simple design make it a gadget for even the tech-weary. If you haven't recieved one for Christmas before, this year should be the year.

£89 at Amazon

From Santa

Will Santa decide you deserve one of these super-fancy gadgets for Christmas?

ASUS Eee Pad Slider

Still pretend you don't miss a proper keyboard when using a tablet? Stop lying to yourself and look again at those typing errors. What the hell is a Chirstmas Persent? Call me old-fashioned, but sometimes having a qwerty keyboard is a necessity, making this little beauty's fold out number a great design feature. It's a bit heavier than its competitors, but if you're looking for something to replace a netbook or smaller laptop, this should at the top of your wishlist.

£429.99 at Dixons

Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook

If you have been wishing for a Windows alternative to the MacBook Air this holiday season, the Acer S3 Ultrabook is a serious contender. When you open this super-sleek super-slim laptop your eyes will light up brighter than Rudolph's nose after several whiskeys - it's a truly stunning piece of kit. The screen could be a bit sharper, but it's well worth getting yourself on the nice list to be in with a chance of recieving this gift.

Available soon for around £850.

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia has built the most beautiful ever Windows phone. Sure it has the best camera of any handset on the market today, but it's the new user-interface that makes Nokia's latest phones worthy of your wish-list. Specifically designed for people who love to socialize with Twitter, Facebook and Email built into the "live-tiles" home screen. Add to that a design which makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing phones around, and you've got the perfect Christmas treat. Now if only Santa would cover the cost of your data plan...

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