28/05/2013 13:35 BST | Updated 27/07/2013 06:12 BST

On The Streets - A Weekly Round Up of the Freshest Global Street Art

This week in 'On The Streets street art aficionado Millie Kotseva takes us through some of the freshest work she has uncovered from across the globe.

At the top of the list is the newest mural from Spanish artist Escif in Villarreal, Spain. Well-known for his clever commentaries on consumerism, politics and society, his work '' The Enlightened Vandalism'' speaks volumes. Other worthy walls come from: RAE and Abel Macias in Bushwick, NYC, Hush in LA, ROA in London, REKA in Denmark, Claudio Ethos in Sydney, Remi Rough, Jaybo Monk, Derm, LX One, Carlos Mare and Steve More collaboration in Marrakech, Pablo Delgado and Faith 47-both in London.

This new piece, titled '' The Enlightened Vandalism'' , showcased in Escif's recognisable style is a clever and punchy visual depiction of what and how 'vandalism' is generally acknowledged. Utterly brilliant we think. Have a look at the details below. All images are via Escif





American artists RAE and Abel Macias brighten up Bushwick with dynamic colours and picturesque characters.


Hush's new wall in LA successfully combines the urban aesthetics of the East and the West.


The London South Bank Centre welcomes ROA's wild life creatures...


Australian artist REKA One in Denmark.


Brazilian artist Claudio Ethos hits the Australian streets.


Impressive wall by the Agents of Change: Remi Rough, Steve More, Jaybo Monk, DERM, LX One and Carlos Mare in Marrakech.


The miniature world of Pablo Delgado on the streets of London...


And last, but not least, Faith47 mind-blowing new piece in London.