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The Art Of Communication - Why Mastering Communication Is So Important


"The most important conversation you will ever have is the one you have with yourself."

- unknown author

To master success is to master communication, but, with that said, it is important to understand the process of communication and specific ways to enhance the ability of choice.

The language you use on a daily basis has a massive effect on how successful you are and how successful you are likely to be.

Ask yourself; when it's raining, do you look outside and automatically think of the benefits the rain will bring and the growth that will happen, or do you think about how miserable it looks and how the rain is going to negatively affect your day?

In reality, we will all look at situations differently based on our association with the benefits the situation brings. As you see it, if a situation offers nothing of benefit to you, then it is usually deleted or discarding. But look at it this way, a farmer needing rain for crops is likely to be more appreciative of a rainy day than you are! The truth is that it's never the actual situation that provides the meaning, it's the labels that you have associated with the experience, and thus the emotions and behaviours triggered as a result.

I invite you to take this: it's by learning how to understand and communicate better with yourself that you learn how to commit to positive change, and the easiest way to learn is to ask your subconscious mind to "ask better questions." Simply by improving your internal questioning system, you automatically improve your behaviours, actions, and results by default!

Here is an example of an internal questioning change:

Q. Why do others always achieve more than me?

A. Because you're stupid and likely to fail.

Q. Okay; is it worth changing?

A. No!

Change to:

Q. How can I achieve more than I currently have in my life, and what are the next steps?

A. You can do X,Y, Z.

Q. When can I do these things?

A. Now, or whenever is congruent.

No Limitations

If you were never told that you couldn't achieve something, what would you have achieved? This question is one that still sends me into deep thinking. Not only because it forces me to go into an internal state to answer the question, but also because it triggers a self evaluation state.

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