13/04/2015 07:21 BST | Updated 10/06/2015 06:59 BST

Tech Changes Everything

As someone who's 'learning' years were in the late 90s and early noughties, I've always been surrounded by that kinda tech, we still sort of call tech.

Year by year more parts of our lives are becoming impacted and influenced by technology. It has made us more connected than ever but arguably also less social (in the real sense of the word). But love or loathe 'this sort of' technology it is fair to say that most of us couldn't now live without it without taking a serious drop in our standard of living.

Of course the epitome of new technologies that have revolutionised most peoples lives is the introduction of those incredibly powerful and sophisticated pocket computers (my iPhone). The smart phone has been the enabler, which has allowed other technologies to flourish. That said, my most frequently used App after Google Maps is Tetris... maybe I'm not fully engaging in mobile tech?

From searching for information, to interacting with friends, to shopping, to monitoring your health, to dating, to hailing a cab - the smart phone and it's associated apps run our lives for us. But probably the most interesting part of all of this, is that we all seem to think we're experts and the tech is incredibly advanced. I mean it is, there's no doubting that, but in the grand scheme of things we've only just started and every day someone is working on something that can harness the power you own. It really does feel like if you can imagine it then it's possible.

That's kind of how I feel about my company Flubit. A few years ago was just a dream and a pretty ropey business plan (clearly not part of my initial investment pitch). But now because of the incredible technology we've developed and the amazing team behind it that vision has become a reality.

We've created a unique online shopping experience that allows users to demand a better, unique and private offer on something they want to buy just by giving us a weblink. We think that's pretty cool.

But it's just the start. We're having new ideas all of the time. The challenge is prioritising what to do first. As we've developed and built out our new technology we keep reinventing the original vision and start focusing on even more ambitious projects - we can't stand still.

The great thing about today's innovations is that they are so intuitive and simple to use. New technology is no longer the domain of the early adopter or geek. Anyone of any age can get involved - we've really got the iPad to thank for that. I see two year olds using an iPhone - and I'm slightly jealous!

The fact that you can take a new piece of kit out of a box and start using it without any instructions is remarkable. I remember the good old days where you needed to spend most of the day reading an inch thick manual just to switch on and tune (have your Dad to tune) a new TV!

Of course wearable tech is set to be the next big thing and it will be interesting to see how quickly this develops once the Apple Watch becomes mainstream.

I have no doubt that the acceleration and pace of change will only increase over the next few decades. Technology allows us to do so much more far quicker and more cost effectively than ever before. It creates huge efficiencies to allow the masses access to products and services that were previously the domain of the rich. And we now have vast amounts of information available at the click of the button. Knowledge is power but it's now not just the domain of the few.

So why write an article that simply shows off the advances of many others and a little of the Flubit team? Well, that's the thing - it's people doing it and if we can do it then you can too.

I have no idea what the future of tech looks like, but the time we sit in right now is one where it could be you delivering it. So if you have that passion and drive, stop reading this blog and go do it. Do'ers change the world, be it tech innovation or other.