28/01/2016 12:38 GMT | Updated 27/01/2017 05:12 GMT

I Am More Than My Instagram Profile

Don't get me wrong, I love instagram as much as the next coffee-drinking selfie-obsessed girl. But sadly, there comes a point where I have to admit my amaro-tinted glasses need to be removed, for the good of everyone.

My insta-revelation came as I helped a friend to set up a Tinder account, and it came to choose some pictures for her profile. We went for some cute, flawlessly posed selfies, a fun group picture and then I suggested a full length taken from before a night out the week before. She was begrudging, but eventually gave in,

"ok but let me edit it first."

Now I thought edit meant a nice soft filter, maybe adjust the brightness and sharpen slightly for optimum photo quality. How wrong I was. I watched in awe as my friend opened an app, and started pinching at the screen. I realised with shock that she was editing her curves, making her arms thinner - creating a completely fake alien version of herself with weirdly skinny legs. I asked why, grabbing the phone off her while saying "but you're beautiful, you don't need to change! That's not you."

"I only do it on some. I don't really care in real life so there's no point exercising, I just want my pictures to look good."

This, ladies and gentleman, is the insta-apocalypse. I blame Kim Kardashian. First she showed us we can change our bone structure with a bit of artful contour, and now her immaculate instagram is ruining us. Though I'd like to believe that celebrities instagram just like I do...flicking through filters and posting without a second thought...the reality is every picture is probably photo shopped, filtered, and doctored to within an inch of it's life. In a world where we judge based on the visual, our instagram profile is becoming almost as important as our credit rating. (Arguably more so, because I have no idea what my credit rating is but I definitely have 356 followers on @BethHursty. Not that I care. Even a little bit. Honest.)


Even though I don't personally choose to edit my photos to the extreme, my instagram is far from realistic. I'll post a picture in full make-up, going out surrounded by friends, but not the morning after, swaddled in my duvet at 3pm, eyeliner down my cheeks and cheesy chips in my hair. A photo of my room got 31 likes, but usually my bed is unmade, with clothes, dirty plates and books all over the floor because I'm too stressed to tidy it. A nice lunch with my friends I'll post, but not my usual dry smelly tuna pasta in a tub that I inhale in between lectures. Life doesn't come with an automatic Valencia filter, and that's ok.


I'm trying not to over-think things. My instagram will never be one of the greats - with thousands of likes because of a cohesive monochrome colour scheme and pictures of ~cool things~. Lets all stop trying to live up to the high expectations of insta-celebs, photo shopped images and a world that always tells us we have to be perfect. While there's nothing wrong with a meticulously arranged photograph of your candles with the caption "Cosy winter night ❄", it is also absolutely fine to post a disgusting picture of you and your friends because it's funny, despite it only getting 3 likes (from the 3 people in the photo.) I want to look back at my instagram nostalgically on the pretty parts of my life, the times I want to remember, not the times I made better by an app. Likes aren't love, but I am a work in progress. Though I'm trying to reflect my real life on my profile, that doesn't mean I'll be putting away the Gingham filter any time soon.


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