Three Tricks Successful Men Use to Always Get the Second Date

21/12/2012 13:19 GMT | Updated 18/02/2013 10:12 GMT

After a successful first date, the average man struggles to secure a second date. A common sentiment is this: if a man performed exceptionally during the first meeting, then shouldn't getting the second date be "in the bag"? Unfortunately, it is not that simple. There are three secret tips to getting the second date that successful men use. Now, one does not have to be a six -figure earner to use these tricks. Any man can do it.

Successful men have a mental attitude much like that of a salesman. Whether it's a new project, stocks, a new tech product out in the market, and yes, even a second date. After a successful meeting, these men never assume the other person is interested. Rather, they use mental tricks to guarantee a second meeting with that person.

The first trick is to "be confident, not cocky". And though numerous "how to" books have tried to hammer this into our brains, many men and women still get it wrong. I remember a time when I was still working at Microsoft: regardless of how "confident" I acted, the women I dated wouldn't respond to my request for a second date. Being confident doesn't stop short of one's demeanor. Rather, it should carry out into what they say. For example, if a woman inquires on what you do for a living, go into detail on your success and current projects. If you are a website developer, talk about how the work you do impacts the company's success. The fortunate thing is that confidence is something you can practice. If a woman sees that a suitor has a clear handle of his life: career, family, sense of self, and place in the universe, and then she will view him as a possible mate.

During the first date, a man has the rare opportunity of discovering where a woman's priorities are. Just like men, ninety percent of the time, women love to show off what they are most proud of. That brings me to the second trick, "adding value to her life". In my book, What's Your Price?, this is called the "Peacock Dance". The "Peacock Dance" is where the suitor shows what is unique about them and that they can provide an experience the other person can't get anywhere else. Successful men have fine-tuned this trick by picking at what a woman values then showing how they can add to it. If a woman loves fishing, then the successful man will talk about the trips he takes every other weekend on his brother's boat. This leads me to the third tip: Plan the Second Date during the First Date.

Towards the end of the evening, a man should know two things about a woman: if there is chemistry and what her favorite hobby is. The trick is to secure the second date before the conclusion of a date. This final trick puts together three tips: first, confidence is needed to face the possibility of rejection, then the "Peacock Dance" becomes more than just a show. Using the knowledge gained from the first date's conversation, a man can design the second date to appeal to a woman's greatest interests. If she loves golf, invite her to a golf tournament. Pull some strings and surprise her, at the beginning of the second date, with a chance to meet the players. The tournament's excitement will help boost her high spirits and nine times out of ten, she will be the one inviting you for a third date.