Love and Relationships

If you want to be really ready for intimacy, consider this a one-stop checklist. Below, experts’ tips on what to do before having sex.
I really believed that I had found the one good heart. There was a kind of purity and honesty about his writing
Warren would obsess all day about music and melody, and I would obsess all day about mathematics and numbers. It was like we were pulling so hard in such opposite directions that the tension kept both of us from floating away
I am not quite as good at embracing his style as he is at mine! - especially in the heat of a moment but the point is I understand, honour and respect his boundaries (and he is good at gently reminding me in a way that I respond well to!) and so we have a very harmonious life.
Going through loss or bereavement teaches you a thing or two about attachment. Love, connection, compassion and empathy are human conditions. They're innate, genetic and what makes us truly unique amongst the animal kingdom.
Most people do not enter divorce lightly. Many couples fight hard for years to try and rescue relationships. There are men and women made miserable in marriages through no fault of either party. Their only recourse is to either enter a process that says someone must be at fault or endure a long, uncertain wait.
You have eaten your own body weight in ice cream, stalked his social media a million times, deleted his number and checked in to your local bar enough times that the bartenders have tequila and tissues ready for you at 5:05pm.
Despite being a love coach myself, who truly believes in the positive power of looking forward not back, I also know that there is immense value in stopping with the damn goals, just for a second. I know, SACRILEGE. But hear me out.
I consider myself a feminist. I consider myself to live in a world where things are certainly not equal for women, but being white, married, middle class, heterosexual and reasonably solvent meant that I did not experience the injustice so many women do on a daily basis.
So, you've just graduated, secured your dream job, and are moving to a new city. You're kickstarting your career and want to do the same for your love life. The good news is that dating, though similar to filling out a job application and keeping your fingers crossed you performed well at the assessment centre, is far easier, and a lot more fun. But where do you start?