This Little Girl Is So Not Happy With Her Parents' Public Display Of Affection

Not cool, Mum.

We all know teenagers are prone to being embarrassed by their parent’s PDA (public displays of affection).

But it seems even babies would rather mummy and daddy kept their hands off each other.

Parents Matt and Krissy Hanneken shared a video of themselves kissing in front of their daughter, Ella, who is less than impressed.

The video shows the couple kissing in front of “always happy” Ella, who seems to have a particular weakness - she cries every time her parents lock lips.

That is until they show her some affection and she cheers up immediately.

Matt said: “Our baby girl got very sad when Mommy and Daddy shared a kiss in front of her. She is jealous for sure!”

The clip has been viewed over 14 million times on Facebook, with lots of parents feeling sorry for baby Ella, including Robin Fluegel, who said: “Aww, she’s just feeling a little left out!”

Frances Salazar said: “Because daddy is all mine and so is mummy. Wait I’m confused. Stop kissing each other. Kiss me!”

Just remember Ella, there is enough kisses for everyone!