Ted Lasso Viewers From The LGBTQ+ Community Are Really Relating To This Week's Episode

"This meant so f***ing much to me. To see it placed into words."
Colin and Isaac are best mates in Ted Lasso – until their friendship seems to hit a rough patch
Colin and Isaac are best mates in Ted Lasso – until their friendship seems to hit a rough patch

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the latest episode of AppleTV+’s Ted Lasso.

Ted Lasso nailed one of the more complicated aspects of coming out for many of its LGBTQ+ viewers this week.

The sports comedy-drama focuses on an American football coach from the US who trains an English football team. It’s often praised for its portrayal of kindness and friendship – but the show seemed to be especially effective this week.

The latest episode of the AppleTV+ series called La Locker Room Aux Folles – named after a play about a gay couple, La Cage Aux Folles – has been lauded for depicting the misunderstanding that can happen between people who have just revealed their sexuality and those closest to them.

It all centres around a moment between best mates Colin (Billy Harris) and Isaac (Kola Bokinni). Isaac accidentally discovered his friend was gay in the previous episode, and then seemed furious at Colin.

But, to fans’ relief, it turns out that Isaac was not being homophobic, but was deeply upset that Colin hadn’t told him the truth about his sexuality before.

It all comes to a head when Isaac asks his friend: “What is it about me that made you think you couldn’t tell me?”

Colin replied: “It was about me. I was 99% sure that you’d support me. But the 1% chance that you wouldn’t scared the shit out of me.”

The friends quickly made up, but that moment stuck with viewers who were quick to hail it for its accuracy.

One Twitter user explained: “When I was sixteen and I came out to one of my friends, she asked me this: ‘Why didn’t you feel as if you could trust me?’

“And I remember struggling to explain that it has nothing to do with her. So this? This meant so fucking much to me. To see it placed into words.”

In the comments, the same Twitter user added: “Because nothing is more terrifying than the idea of losing the love of someone just for being who you are. Thank you @TedLasso for telling this story. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.”

Other Twitter users were quick to rally in agreement, sharing their own difficult coming out stories.

But, luckily, the friends made up and the episode ended with them confirming their love for each other as they play video games together (leaving the good people of Twitter in floods of tears).

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