8 Totally Legitimate Reasons To Consider Divorcing Your Spouse


As much as we love our spouse, there are lots of times when we really wish we could just ditch them.

Mainly this happens when they refuse to make us a cup of tea and we have to get up from the sofa ourselves in the middle of Bake Off. It’s almost like they’re asking for a divorce.

Here are eight times when it would be totally legit to call time on a relationship.

1. When they didn’t cry on command.

2. When they didn’t make you a midnight feast.

3. When they failed to be an adult.

4. When they tried to explain Olympic cycling.

5. When they didn’t laugh at your joke.

6. When they didn’t reply to your message within 10 minutes.

7. When they wouldn’t wear this outfit.

8. When they put you in a world of pain.

Someone save us.