Nothing Compares, Nothing Compares.....Man U

Nothing Compares, Nothing Compares.....Man U

Many people say 1986 was a great year, and as its the year I was born, who am I to disagree with them?

I was a month old when Sir Alex Ferguson took over at Manchester United, looking through various historical headlines it seems that the manager who gave the club thirteen premier league titles, five FA Cups, two Champions League's and various other silverware, in his illustrious 27 year career, was under pressure in his first year. Many supporters called for his head not necessarily on a plate but they certainly were not happy with results.

Which led to Sir Alex being just one game away from getting the chop, ironically it was victory over none other than Crystal Palace in the 1990 FA Cup Final (replay) that saved Fergie's bacon. Fast forward Thirty years, and Manchester United are financially one of the biggest clubs in the world. Where the club hierarchy no longer feel winning the FA Cup in your first season as a manager, warrants fulfilling a contract which was signed in 2015 for a three years.

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Louis Van Gaal is a sharp intelligent person, despite his struggle with some pronunciations - (how we can forget 'Michael Carrot' and the infamous 'Queen Park Raisins') he has managed at the highest level for Barcelona, Bayern Munich and of course for the Netherlands national team, yet since day one, the fans have been on his back with the press having looked at every opportunity to find a story that would undermine his position at the club.

In the aftermath of Moyes' departure, there was a feeling that the pressure of following a manager who had won 13 league titles and two European Cups was just too much. It had looked like an impossible job and it proved as much.

Like Moyes, Van Gaal suffered from unfavourable comparisons. It is one thing to come up short against one of the most successful manager's Britain has ever produced but records between the two subsequent managers were pretty much identical.

The problem we have now is that managers like Sir Alex Fergsuon and Arsene Wenger are a dying breed, but fans want instant success, when in reality more clubs now are capable of winning the big elite prizes. Fans at Manchester United never had it so good but the future does not give you a divine right for all that to continue.

It's like dating again after breaking up with your first love, No-one is going to be able to fill Sir Alex Ferguson boots unless they are given time and whilst he is an extremely hard act to follow, the fans have to take much of the blame for thinking that the success would continue like night follows day.

Fans have criticised the style of football witnessed under Louis Van Gaal, assuming their team have every right to roll teams over in ever game. I see many moan about the style of football being played.

I am well publicised Chelsea fan, do you think defensive style will be any different under Jose Mourinho?

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He brought great success to Chelsea but it was never always attractive to watch, more importantly records show that after a couple of years, relationships between him and the players/board start to show cracks. It looks from the appointment that Ed Woodward and his merry men are looking for a short-term fix despite great success being built in the past on longevity.

We live in a world where instant results matter and it might well be Manchester United fans no longer look for long-term planning but instant success. The fact Pep Guardiola takes over the reigns at Manchester City gives next season added spice. But fans are simply deluded if they think Champions League and the Premier League will be won in the first attempt next season, or indeed the style of football will change. It's simply the craving of winning silverware that fills the heads of Manchester United fans worldwide, though it now seems the FA Cup is not enough.

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Lets get real, its great to see we now potentially have six teams that can win the Premier league and Manchester United fans have to stop being so impatient, more importantly the board have to realise you need time to build success. We have seen this season with Leicester City what can be done with team spirit and maybe its time that clubs like the Red Devils look at that model and not throw millions & millions of pounds at players in craving instant success.


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