François Hollande is President of the French Republic

08/05/2012 08:51 BST | Updated 06/07/2012 10:12 BST


Having won the first round of the French presidential elections with 28.63% of the vote the leader of the Parti Socialiste François Hollande has dislodged UMP incumbent Sarkozy with the backing of 51.7% of the French electorate who turned out at a level of 80.2%. The May 6th victory will ostensibly trigger a major shift in European politics which from the onset of the financial crisis has been behest to a rightwards ambiance; indeed having declared during his first speech as French president-elect that "austerity will no longer be fatal in Europe," one can say with a certain confidence that Hollande will go some way to stirring up the German lend austerity consensus. The extent to which Hollande will go remains to be seen but undoubtedly these are interesting times.

In any case here's my cartoon depicting François Hollande painting the town red after his election victory in more ways than one!

And here's another below depicting Hollande condemning Sarkozy to the dustbin of history!