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When a WW2 Resistant tells a newspaper that in French politics, Le Pen represents the negation of all that the Resistance fought for and calls on everyone to vote Emmanuel Macron next Sunday.
The latest terror attack in Paris has raised speculation of a swing towards far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen
No10: 'There's not a Govt policy of not talking about the war'.
At the height of anti-government demonstrations staged in Zimbabwe last year, Mugabe's government accused France and the United States of America of sponsoring the street protests.
French President wants Socialist party to win 'against conservatism and extremism'.
Francois Hollande, the French President, has announced he will not seek a second term in office - saying he wants to give
Would you do something for me? It will only take a moment of your time if you have a second to spare. Please. Turn to the person next to you and ask them if they're okay. Ask them if they need advice or a friend. Ask them if they need a shoulder to cry on.
If there is one thing that all businesses crave it is certainty. Yet, Brexit unavoidably generates uncertainty. And whilst Theresa May rightly says it's our job to make a success of leaving the EU, this will be far easier to achieve and much more prosperous to experience, if we send an unequivocal message that Britain remains fully open for business.