Will We Become A Generation Of Minimalists Or Wild Unadulterated Spenders?

28/07/2017 14:14 BST | Updated 28/07/2017 14:14 BST
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Millennials love a trend, they come and go. You don't even get a chance to Google them, or ask a friend on the sly. Case in point, bae, to be fair has stuck around for the long haul now. Minimalism seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. You can't jump on any site without seeing yet another article harp on about its benefits, or try going to Amazon without seeing a book about it.


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If you're now thinking what the bloody hell is minimalism? Well it has been described as essentially living within the basic necessities of life. To live in a space that is sustainable for yourself and the environment. Well that is hard, because as humans we love stuff. More appropriately, we have been conditioned to love buying stuff.




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We are hit with ads on a daily basis, most these days are specifically targeted to be relevant to us, due to marketer's ability to watch what we do online. Girls 25-35 should notice the number of ads you see on YouTube related to pregnancy, apparently Google can know your pregnant before you these days. Ever wondered how Facebook knew you were looking at a t-shirt at XYZ online store and was showing you ads about it on your Feed? Well XYZ online store plug in their email lists into Facebook and BOOM they have found you.





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The concept to embrace minimalism wouldn't be a bad idea, considering that it is currently possible for every American to stand over the roofing of self-storage and have 7.3 square feet to themselves! This shows the amount of stuff we like to have, not only in our homes but saved away as well.



Just like with any trend, you get the fanatics. Groups like the Beliebers, vegans & the Kylie Kardashian wannabes. These are all or nothing kind of people and scare many into turning their backs on an idea. If we all took a balanced approach and did slightly minimalise our possessions or our habits for collecting, then it could reduce the pressure on our minds and wallets.