12/09/2014 11:57 BST | Updated 11/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Bridget Kelly Sells Out Her 2nd UK Show

Bridget Kelly, the U.S R&B songstress blessed UK soil with her presence for the 2nd time as she performed at London's prestigious Jazz Cafe recently to her legion of fans and new supporters.

Having made her name as the chorus girl on tour duties for Jay Z's mega hit 'Empire State Of Mind', Bridget has slowly but surely been paving her own path as a power house vocalist to be reckoned with. We caught up with Ms BK!Welcome back Ms. Kelly! 2nd show in the UK!

It was incredible, just as good as the first time around!Are you primarily here to gain new fans or entertain the loyal followers?

I think its a combination of the two, I'm glad people are excited to have me here and I love to connect with the people who know my music. I love to be on the stage where for example two girls in front of stage knew every word to my song, but then I also love to touch someone else who may have not heard my records. Making new fans is just as exciting as rocking with the old ones.Alot of your music is very personal, you seem to have been hard-done-by by a few guys?

Yeah! quite a few! It sucks! but its allowed for me to have material when I'm writing.How was the experience of performing Empire State Of Mind alongside the best rapper in the game, Jay Z?

When I first started it was terrifying! I felt like everything was happening so fast and my very first performance as an artist was at Madison Square Gardens. For me to have started there and continue building was really incredible! to this day I still pinch myself and think 'was that real'?

You almost worked backwards

Yeah! The scary thing was going from 100,000 people to then say, 100 people, the dynamics was totally different. I kind of had to start over as nothing I had done with Jay(Z) had counted once I started to put out my own music. I was battling trying not to get accustomed to the private jets and the finer things in life!Lets touch on the Frank Ocean V Bridget Kelly debacle, you sang the original 'Thinkin Bout You' before he took it as his own, has that beef been settled?

You know the sad part is, as artists we are forced to play politics in certain situations and we don't get a chance to communicate with each other. Frank and I never really had a chance to sit down and talk before or even after the situation transpired. My label and his label were battling each other and it got really messy. What was wack was he didn't come to me and talk it out, it was the first song I had recorded for my album so it was a tough pill to swallow, but I respect Frank (Ocean) as an artist so wouldn't want to infringe upon that anyway.Tell us what you've been up to now?

Well, Cut To Bridget Kelly was the last EP I did in December before I left Roc Nation so I felt it was like a rebirth, time to start over and its been incredible especially since I thought leaving such a massive co-sign would blackball me, but its been the total opposite! people I built a relationship with over the years have been genuine and were part of my project. I could now make the kind of music I wanted to make without any restrictions. Its been one blessing after the next!Twitter: @IamBridgetKelly | insta: @IamBridgetKelly | for music updates videos and more.