Five Reasons Why Adults Should Go And Watch 'The LEGO Movie'

Already out in the US, Here are 5 reasons UK grown-ups, along with their inner child, should go to seethis weekend...

As grown up's we all have that inner child in us (not including pregnant women) that gets unleashed every so often in our lifetime, albeit, some let their kid-self out more than others. My kid-me was apparent the first time I went to watch Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS at the cinema, it comes out every time I see a full tub of LEGO, and now I can feel my inner child about to tear out my chest John Hurt, Alien-style on the anticipated release of The LEGO Movie hitting UK cinema screens this week Friday 14th Feb 2014.Already out in the US, Here are 5 reasons UK grown-ups, along with their inner child, should go to see The LEGO Movie this weekend.5.

Its Got Batman AND Superman In It!

Can't wait for the Zack Snyder live-action Superman V Batman film? No need to, The LEGO Movie has both comic heros featured in this stop motion/CGI animation! 1-0 Warner Bros!4. It Features The Voices of Will Ferrell!

Now you know almost every film with Will Ferrell is a laugh a minute! (unless its the one where he sells his belongings on his front yard, Yeah I can't remember the name either and its not worthy of an IMDB search either) Mr. Ferrell lends his voice for the lead villain Lord Business, leaving you with a sly reminder of his turn as eccentric fashion mogul Mugatu from the classic comedy ZooLander.3. Its Full Of Pop Culture References!

Its not just a film for the inner child in you, your grown self will definitely appreciate the in-jokes and nods to many of todays pop culture references that many kids watching may not 'get'.2. It Will Bring Out The 'Bwoy Wonder' In You!

LEGO lovers, newbies and enthusiasts alike will likely visit the Westfields and Trafford Centres of their town to purchase a Town-Set or spend longer than expected on the PICK-A-BRICK wall after watching The LEGO Movie. Be prepared to unleash the creative 'Bwoywonder' in you!1. Its A BLOCK-Buster Of A Movie!

Who says a PG certificated film can't be a cracker of a watch? What with Pixar's Toy Story series and most recently Disney's Frozen proving that animation/CGI has the strength to tug at the adult heart strings, The LEGO Movie aims to tickle the sides of grown ups with their innuendo, referencing pop culture as well as providing plenty of frantic Michael Bay-esque explosive action to keep us big people awake.The LEGO Movie is out on Friday 14th February in all major UK screens.


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