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The NME Awards 2015 - A Review

I suppose that's how you know you're at the NME awards, and not the MTVs; everyone looks like they couldn't give less of a shit and no one looks like they smell good.

The NME Awards 2015 took place on Wednesday, 18th February at the 02 Academy in Brixton. I was invited along to the awards by ID&C; the people who produced the wristbands and lanyards for the event. My invitation was somewhat bemusing considering my idea of listening to 'alternative music' is revisiting the Spice World album now and again.

With close to no knowledge about any of the music or nominees on the night, I entered the venue and made my way to the complimentary bar. Obviously brushing shoulders with a range of musical talent, yet recognising no one and making a mental note that all the male specimens looked as though they were a) in need of a good wash (maybe a facial too) b) still wearing the clothes they did when they were sixteen and c) living off a diet of cocaine and pot noodles. I can only describe most of the hairstyles on display as 'vintage' and I've never seen so much leather in my life. The air was foggy with copious amounts of hair spray.

The evening was sponsored by Austin, Texas; (dubbed the best live music venue in the world) and hosted by Huw Stephens (the Welsh ginger guy that looks like Seth Rogan and presents for Radio 1). He began the night by telling us in true NME style that the 'fucking autocue wasn't working', and so the tone for the night was set. From where I was sat, I could look down at the VIP tables, stocked high with dominoes pizza and champagne (the juxtaposition of tastes here being extremely rock and roll, of course). I was able to recognise the back of Peter Crouch's head from a mile away, something I was extremely proud of.

Kasabian and Jamie T were the biggest winners of the night, each collecting three awards. Kasabian's included best band and best album. Jamie T accepted the award for best song and music video, for his single 'Zombie'. All I can tell you is that the video for it looked quite scary. Florence Welsh (who is extremely tall) presented him with the award for best moment of the year (sadly I failed to take note of what exactly this moment was). All three times Jamie T slowly made his way to the stage, wearing a black baseball cap, looking as though he'd rather be anywhere else in the world. I suppose that's how you know you're at the NME awards, and not the MTVs; everyone looks like they couldn't give less of a shit and no one looks like they smell good.

Performances on the night included The Vaccines (nothing to do with Hepatitis B), Charlie XCX (good, great sunglasses), Run The Jewels (noisy) and Royal Blood (again, nothing to do with Hepatitis). The Godlike Genius award went to Suede (not the material) and Foo Fighters won best intentional band.

Best new band went to Royal blood, who I hear are really big right now. They performed on the night but all I could hear was noise. Once again, this is coming from someone who appreciates the 'sick beats' of Taylor Swift so please don't take offence.

Jimmy Page won the prize for best 'Rock n Roll Soul' award- as he approached the stage I recognised the song that was playing from 'School of Rock', (you know that great film with Jack Black) Apparently he's in Led Zeppelin. AKA the best band of all time. Ignorance strikes again.

In a nutshell, my night was entertaining and most definitely an interesting experience. The highlight being when the one from Kasabian who looks like Scooby Doo, attempted to crowd surf and totally failed. Most importantly, the night was a good reminder of how well behaved I was as a teenager.

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