Shortly after the tweets were exchanged, NME removed the cover from their Twitter avatar and banner. Stormzy was praised
Mhairi Black has become an unlikely winner of an NME 'People of the Year' award, praised for proving age is no barrier to
Now maybe it's just because I follow a Twitter echo chamber of thirty and forty-somethings who are just like me, but it does seem like a hefting chunk of the people up in arms about the Bieber cover are people for whom getting the NME was a highlight of their weeks, like twenty odd years ago. I think we need to butt out, we need to let it go. For our sake.
Justin Bieber is as famous for his questionable behaviour as he is for his singing these days, but the 19-year-old star has
“I wanted people to feel like they’d got more than they’d expected. But not in a shocking way – in the sense of ‘wow, this
They're not a daily newspaper but a niche weekly magazine assumed by all to appeal only to a young demographic? Many of the commentariat think not. And there is certainly an argument that NME's readership is teenagers who, unlike Evening Standard fans, are not going to pick up a free copy to read on their commute to work.
NME magazine and its publisher Time Inc have revealed plans for a bold new change, stating that from September, the music
NME and its publisher Time Inc have announced a big change, revealing that the magazine will become free in September 2015
I suppose that's how you know you're at the NME awards, and not the MTVs; everyone looks like they couldn't give less of a shit and no one looks like they smell good.
Courtney Love has told the NME it's "very likely" that her late husband's story and music will be adapted for the Broadway stage. At last, Nirvana fans will have the chance to pay more than £50 a ticket to watch some jobbing hoofers projectile defecate over Kurt Cobain's legacy.
So much stock is put on getting a review in Q or Mojo or the NME, but who really cares and in times of ridiculously low magazine circulations, (I heard NME's true print run is more like 6,000 rather than its somewhat inflated latest ABC figure) who even reads them?
The band has the ability to turn a subdued crowd in a blistering sweat heap of mosh pitting, crowd surfing maniacs. At recent gigs en mass stripping within the crowd has even left the band feeling bemused by their power
One Direction have another couple of gongs to add to their ever-expanding collection, although we think their latest trophies
The press chose sides and bands featured in one mag would not be featured in another. Bands were tainted. Crossover between tribes was small. The Manic Street Preachers tried to play both sides of the fence. "We did have a plan," Nicky Wire told me: "We wanted to be in Kerrang! and the NME."
Running until 26 October at the famed London venue, the Dean Chalkley: Look Hear and Young Souls exhibition is a breath of much-needed fresh air for photography in the capital. Jason Holmes ventured west to meet the man
A couple of weeks ago I applied for a job as a writer for an online journal. I was asked to submit some writing samples and then write 50 words about my favourite magazine. That last bit really bugged me, but hey ho. This is what I wrote.