Introducing HuffPost UK Sport

15/03/2012 00:04 GMT | Updated 14/05/2012 10:12 BST

Today I'm delighted to announce the launch of HuffPost UK Sport, the latest channel on our ever-expanding site.

With London gearing up for the Olympics and Euro 2012 only a few months away, it couldn't be a better time for us to add Sport into the mix of topics we cover.

While our latest recruit, reporter Samuel Luckhurst, will be updating the site with all the latest sporting news, the section's whole raison d'être will be those who play, love and follow sport inviting debate, comment and opinion from the UK's most passionate fans, whether it's the premiership or Six Nations that gets your heart beating faster.

Being British, we fully expect there to be plenty of footie written about in our blogs, however, we're also aiming to be a destination for niche sports, where everyone from synchronised swimmers to curling champions can debate the merits of their favourite pastime with other dedicated fans.

To reflect this wide range of sports, we have a real mix of voices from different walks of life blogging for us today, including Lord Coe on the Olympics, Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet on cycling, and Kevin Cahill - founder of Sport Relief - alongside Will Carling and Andy Murray.

In keeping with the competitive nature of things, we're also kicking things off (pun intended) with a reader poll to find the greatest footballer ever to wear the Number 10 shirt (and, yes, I did have to have it explained to me why that was significant) - cast your vote here.

Speaking of strong opinions, see if these bloggers can change your mind on horse racing - it's certainly food for thought.

And because we know being a dedicated sports fan can be a sometimes traumatic and emotional experience, we're inviting you to confess - on video - all about that moment when you undeniably knew you'd moved from just being interested in a sport, to becoming a die-hard fan - find out how to take part here.

Enjoy the rest of the section, and if there's a sport we're missing coverage on, email the team at and tell us, or even better, write a blog about it! I'm lobbying for a section dedicated to yoga, after being told by the men on my team it doesn't count as an actual sport - I'm building my case.