Sunday Roundup

21/08/2011 07:25 BST | Updated 20/10/2011 10:12 BST

The riots may be long gone, but the aftermath still dominated the front-pages this week, as the nation wrung its collective conscience and pondered whether harsh sentences that made an example of the guilty would dissuade copy-cat activities in the future.

For thousands of sixth-form students, however, the only stats worth knowing were the percentages of those successfully making the grades necessary to secure them their first choice of university. With student fees set to rocket next year, unsurprisingly record numbers of would-be undergraduates were fighting for one of the coveted uni places - or just fighting to get a connection to the UCAS website, which crashed under the collective weight of the clearing scrabble.

Just in time, HuffPostUK launched its very first new section since launch, Universities & Education, providing a platform for educators and the would-be educated to tell their stories, swap advice and flex their blogging muscle.

We were delighted to have NUS President Liam Burns blogging alongside the Shadow Secretary for Education, however, this is a platform for everyone and I invite those of you who got the A-Levels you wanted, and those of you who didn't, as well as everyone for whom A-Level-results day is a distant if still painful memory, to join the debate.

If nothing else, it should give you something to do in-between X Factor episodes - or maybe you're not watching this year? Got another TV recommendation for the rainy Saturday nights? Our entertainment team is all ears!