Sunday Roundup

16/10/2011 00:00 BST | Updated 15/12/2011 10:12 GMT

Twitter has been a slightly quieter place this week, thanks to those Blackberry users amongst us being cut off from our means of 24/7 access. I think I actually used the phrase "it feels like I'm missing an arm" on Monday afternoon (don't worry, the person I was speaking to told me to get over myself).

By Thursday, there were people in the office coming round to the altered way of working. 'I left mine on my desk last night. And went home. Without it. I haven't checked my emails in over 12 hours!' Someone admitted to me, incredulous at their own behaviour, on the tube travelling in. Plenty more, it should be said by this stage had simply traded their handsets in for something else.

And what were those with communication lines functioning up to? Helping mobilise the UK version of Occupy Wall Street? Well, some of them. The rest, it turned out, were helping cause a run on Terry's Chocolate Oranges, after someone spotted their treat had only cost 29p rather than the usual price of £2.75.

I am all for cut-price chocolate (although more of a Twix girl than a Terry's Chocolate Orange addict), although can't help but feel for whichever poor individual programmed the tills in Tesco incorrectly - we'll presume the supermarket can stomach the extra cost.

Those using their social-media networks for less gluttonous means this week included the inspirational 84-year-old Richard Byerley, who blogged for us at the beginning of the week as he set off in his quest to become the oldest person to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. We heard a few days later he'd been successful and look forward to his follow-up blog.

From OAPs to toddlers, everyone's better connected today, Blackberry issues notwithstanding. If you needed further proof, check out this hilarious video of a somewhat frustrated baby attempting to make her mum's magazine work like an iPad - perfect Sunday sofa surfing for those of us without Richard energy.