The Week That Was: Headlines Raped by Men Talking Bullshit

25/08/2012 23:01 BST | Updated 25/10/2012 10:12 BST

A lot of men had a lot of opinions about rape this week.

I say opinions. The majority of men in question framed their thoughts as fact.

A lot of women had something to say on the topic too, although bar Louise Mensch, it seemed no one really cared about their point of view.

I don't have a problem with the issue of rape being on the agenda. With conviction rates as low as they are, the more we talk about the issue, the better.

I do, on the other hand, have something of an issue with the tragically misinformed opinions being bandied about, in the main by people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

George Galloway and Todd Atkin, I'm pained to admit, I'm dedicating yet more column inches to your hopelessly ill advised, ill informed streams of garbage.

I don't really want to. I'd like to rewind a few days, when I'd never heard of Todd Atkin, and Galloway was notable simply for being the only person in history to turn Celebrity Big Brother into a wise political career move. When the idea of 'bad sexual etiquette' meant rolling over and letting your partner sleep in the wet patch. And when a woman's right to choose meant HER RIGHT TO CHOOSE, not the Republican party's.

Here's a thought. While my Twitter feed is choked with their names and the blog sites I regularly visit aghast at their comments, maybe these two idiots have done us all a favour.

Yes, there are a few impressionable individuals who, gulp, might agree with what has been said, but the public outcry means anyone with half a brain cell is under no illusion about how a woman's body works and her right to say no.

Should that even be a consideration? Absolutely not. On one side of the Atlantic we have a man deemed intelligent enough to hold a position in senior public office with a seat in the Senate in sight (and, least we forget already a member of the House Committee on Science) without a grasp of basic human biology.

On the other, we have an MP and a household name, turning his adoration for self-publicity into a parody of support for Julian Assange with the most controversial comments he could come up with that particular day.

Does he even believe what he said? Or did he just realise the storm surrounding his comments would propel his weekly video views into the stratosphere and notch him up a slew of headlines.

In a brilliant column on Jezebel, Erin Gloria Ryan admits she has rape fatigue from the 'rape-related bullshit' flowing this week.

I am still at the angry stage, and angry we must stay until centuries-old attitudes are consigned to the fringes where they belong, and not on our TV talk shows.