04/07/2014 12:56 BST | Updated 03/09/2014 06:59 BST

The Amazing Morph Shares Three Pieces of Invaluable Advice

This Sunday, HuffPost UK celebrates its third birthday, and rather than ask for piles of presents, we asked some of our favourite bloggers to gift us with their three best pieces of advice. Here, through our entertainment editor Caroline Frost, is the one and only Morph...

When it comes to getting out of bed, standing up, having a stretch and facing the world, there are many worse gurus to guide you through your day than the original terracotta warrior himself - the Amazing Morph to give him his official title, just 'Morph' to his inner coterie.

On the day that the world's arguably biggest, definitely first, plasticine superstar climbs back out of his pencil case and makes his return to public life, he has found time in his red carpet schedule to join in HuffPostUK's third birthday celebrations, with these three golden nuggets of advice.

Here they are then, three guideline for getting through your day in the world according to Morph...

1. Be bold if you have an idea. Never let anything hold you back, whether it's shyness, practicality, or that strange feeling that some people are better (or maybe bigger?) than you. They aren't really - it's all about perception.

2. Be adaptable. Welcome change, whether in yourself in others. It's the only thing we can be certain of. Maintain, at all times, a flexible outlook, in mind and form.  

3. Don't be burdened by possessions, or the attainment thereof. Only worry about what you can carry on your back. Objects around you can often magically appear, but be sure they will just as mysteriously disappear. You were born with little, you will leave with less. Be jolly.



Morph makes his return today on YouTube at 5.15pm, with 15 brand new episodes. Click here to see Morph back in action.