14/12/2012 08:03 GMT | Updated 12/02/2013 05:12 GMT

20 Weeks Pregnant

20 weeks pregnant: It is finally sinking in: I am pregnant! When I catch a glimpse of my silhouette, it's not bloating that I see, but a baby! How very odd! As much as this pregnancy is desired and embraced, it is such a strange feeling to lose control of my body and see it change! My shape has remained pretty constant throughout the last 20 odd years of adulthood and my weight has remained within 2-3 kilos over the last 2 decades, so suddenly being a fair bit heavier and having three bumps on my torso is really very strange!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to work in Fuerteventura filming a new 'Pregnancy Pilates' DVD, which was such a lovely experience: instead of worrying about whether my tummy was sticking out on camera, I was proudly displaying my new shape! I have just been sent the first edit to check and ended up crying at my desk as I looked at the proof that in spite of everything (my age, endometriosis from a young age and a few miscarriages) I am now 20 weeks pregnant and going to be a mum! It feels like such magic that it is hard to explain.

I lost a pregnancy around a year ago, and had been planning to write about the experience and was in touch with various magazines and website, so I have had something of a block about getting around to writing about pregnancy this time, but I really hope that for one thing I can help some people who may go through tough times and also that I can help mums cope with the changes in their body. Pregnancy is definitely not the time to get in shape, but all pregnant women should make time to stay as fit and well as possible. I really believe that Pilates is the single best thing you can do to stay strong, balanced and in control.

Personally I have dropped the running, and have been sticking to brisk walking most days if possible, along with Pilates and some pregnancy yoga, and I am feeling great! Now I can only hope that luck will stay on my side for the rest of my pregnancy...