A 'Frozen' Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day

From thinking of getting engaged, to finding a date or working out what to do on the evening itself, this advice, inspired by Disney's 'Frozen' film, will help make your Valentine's Day a success.

From thinking of getting engaged, to finding a date or working out what to do on the evening itself, this advice, inspired by Disney's Frozen film, will help make your Valentine's Day a success.

1) "You can't marry a man you just met"

If you have recently started going out and are half expecting to be proposed to, because it's 14 February, then you may be left feeling out in the cold. But fear not. Elsa's wisdom reminds us that it is foolish to tie the knot before we know someone well. And there's always next year!

2) "Take me up the North Mountain"

Self-explanatory, according to my mate Simon. He has a mind like a sewer. Oh. Maybe this ISN'T actually a euphemism? My mistake! No, Anna is asking Kristoff to help her out, so that she can get closer to solving her problem and be reunited happily with her sister. If your girlfriend or boyfriend isn't on board with your dreams, visions and goals, they aren't the right one for you.

3) "Some people are worth melting for"

As the years knock on, chances are, you have been hurt at least once, let down or cheated on. Such relational pain can lead to developing a kind of hardness, and a protective shell, as we use defence mechanisms to avoid being stung again. But as Olaf the loveable snowman says, we can let our soft side out and take our guard down for someone special. If you are harbouring a secret grudge for a whole gender group, let it go. Let it go!

4) "Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle"

Ain't that the truth, Olaf! Valentine's Day comes at the coldest time of the year. Which is surely not a coincidence. Many people are still skint after Christmas too, so why not grab a takeaway, a bottle of wine and do your own version of 'staying in and cuddling'? You don't need to get a taxi, battle the world and his wife, who only ever go out annually - or risk frostbite. Loneliness is snow joke, so if there's no lover nearby, you could snuggle up to a friend, pet, soft toy or child, if you have one!

5) "An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart"

If there is a potential partner that you have your eye on but they seem a bit, well, frosty, then think creatively! Do something lovely that sets you apart from the others in the gene pool. Nothing stalker-y. You don't want to freak them out. But flowers are usually good, a heart-shaped pizza and a nice bottle might work as a gift, or chocolates. Make sure your recipient isn't diabetic or dieting, though. Don't wanna put your foot in it. Anna 'nother thing - if the frozen heart that needs to thaw is your spouse's, who you've wronged, then think bigger with the impressive meaningful gesture. Or Elsa face next Valentine's night by yourself!

6) "The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one"

Take a risk and chill out! Sometimes, plucking up the courage to approach someone moves things forward - even if it feels like you're skating on thin ice! If there is a reasonable chance they like you too, take a gamble and hint at a date. You don't want to still be sitting there single at Christmas, crying into your Baileys, as your would-be intended posts gooey Facebook pictures of her new bloke. Well, do you? What are you waiting for? You won't want to be Kristoff and alone...

7) "Love is an open door"

First date? It's best if they don't lock the door. I doubt that would feel too safe. Definitely need an escape route, in case he turns out to be a serial killer. Only messing! This upbeat song, beautifully cutely done between Kristoff and Anna, portrays the exciting opportunities that love can bring. Like finishing each other's sandwiches, for example. Sickly sweet but full of positivity and hope. Jinx. Jinx again!

8) "Do you want to build a snowman?"

Put back the fun in to any relationship by getting out there and throwing snowballs or knocking up a snowman. (Not knocking up, as in, getting pregnant. There are probably laws about that.) Anna makes this offer to her sister Elsa to try to cheer her up. The gloomiest of days can be improved by walking, holding Hans with a loved one - or by building a snowman. So if there's no romantic interest around to play with, consider making your very own Olaf and hanging out with him instead! (This does depend on there being enough snow where you live, I realise. I'm just trying to help. I can't change the whole world.) The cold never bothered you anyway.