11/03/2014 08:45 GMT | Updated 11/03/2014 08:59 GMT

Friend Testifies: 'Oscar Had a Big Love for Weapons'

A friend of Oscar Pistorius has given yet another damning testimony in the Olympian's murder trial.

Referring to Pistorius as "the accused", Darren Fresco stated in court that the gold medallist shot through the sunroof of his car.

He also testified that the amputee sprinter was responsible for the gunfire in Tasha's restaurant in January last year.

Pistorius has pleaded not guilty to all firearm charges and the charge of the murder of Reeva Steenkamp.

Boxer Kevin Lerena, also a former friend of the Paralympian, stated in his testimony last week that Mr Fresco had taken the blame for the gun going off in the upmarket restaurant in Melrose Arch.

Mr Fresco recalled handing his gun to Pistorius under the table. He said: "We had been to the shooting range before and I knew he had a big love for weapons.

"My assumption was that he had competency with it."

"As soon as his hand had touched the weapon, whilst leaning forward I said, 'there is one up'." This phrase implies there was one bullet in the chamber.

Fresco went on to state that at no time did he say to Pistorius he had removed the bullet.

He continued: "I cannot see through tables but I seen a shoulder gesture which I assumed was cycling the existing bullet over the chamber."

Fresco confirmed the gun went off and the accused had asked him to take the blame. He recalled Pistorius saying: "There's too much media hype around me at the moment, please could you take the rap for it."

He added: "Being a friend, I said, I would with pleasure."

Both testimonies from Pistorius's former friends suggest the Olympic star is responsible for the firearm going off in the restaurant.

Darren Fresco also validated the testimony of earlier witness and ex-girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius, Samantha Taylor.

Ms Taylor had stated in court that the blade runner shot his firearm through the sunroof of his car, a charge that Pistorius's legal team had vehemently contested.

Today Mr Fresco gave a very similar account of the incident, saying he heard the shot and witnessed Pistorius pulling the pistol back inside through the sunroof.

He recalled asking: "Are you fucking mad?" and stated that his ears felt as though they were bleeding.

Despite the defence counsel's attempts to discredit Darren Fresco's testimony, referring frequently to the fact that he had lied in his original statement, the similarities in the testimonies of Samantha Taylor and Kevin Lerena would suggest Darren Fresco is telling the truth in court.

The trial continues.