04/04/2016 10:50 BST | Updated 02/04/2017 06:12 BST

Designing Your Home Like Your Wardrobe

Time and time again I meet clients who haven't got a clue on how to furnish their homes or make them look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You don't need a three year course in interior design to get this right, you actually just need to use a bit of knowledge and a lot of common sense. Mismatched colours, shapes and sizes of your interior furniture and a rather bad mix of styles is definitely a NO. It never ceases to amaze me how people live in their homes before they call me in, and over the years I have seen it all!

Ramming a huge sofa against a window or door so that it s impossible to use again, using furniture that is way too big in a small space so you have to clamber over it just to move around the room, using mismatches of colour, clashing fabric, bad taste in wallpaper, lap dancing poles in the centre of the bedroom, so tacky that it looks more like brothel or nightclub in Vegas than a home.(even if you are a single man in a bachelor pad!) You name it I've seen it all! Whether you believe in the connection of flow and well being or not, it is a fact that layout is important when attempting to bring harmony and good feeling into your home.

There is a comparable, relatively simple little exercise to help get this right, which I find helps many people. It may not work for everyone however, it depends how well you can visualise this, but it certainly works for a vast majority of people. Consider that homes are like fashion. This doesnt mean you need to be ultra trendy, it simply means you need to make your items work in harmony together. Have you ever heard the saying "he or she was all over me like a cheap suit"? what springs to mind with this is that a cheap suit doesnt fit too well and so is somewhat irritating!

The good news is that you dont need to spend humungus sums of money to get the look right, you just need some simple common sense and know how to mix and match your items! A few examples that may help you are to think of a simple plain white dress and add the most amazing pair of very glamorous shoes or a fabulous statement bag to glam it up, or a mens pair of blue jeans and a simple v neck sweater but add a pair of really cool shoes and a stylish scarf. The same goes for your new sofa, with fantastic cushions, or an amazing lamp positioned next to it, it doesn't need to cost the earth. Think of some simple Feng Shui dressed with Prada and a TopShop mix and with a bit of clever thinking your home can also be a stylish interior space.