04/02/2015 09:51 GMT | Updated 06/04/2015 06:59 BST

Dear Eds - I'm One Business Leader Who Won't Keep Quiet!

The Labour Party under Ed Miliband and his most un-super sidekick Ed Balls are completely anti-business, a fact that has been demonstrated time and again with policies that treat UK PLC as a tax cash cow, that never needs feeding. You can starve it and it keeps on producing the finest butter milk on the planet.

So it's no wonder that business leaders across the country are not prepared to stand by and listen to this bunch of liars trying to pass themselves off as having great support from industry. For the most part, business leaders don't tend to get involved in politics, they've got too much else to do I'd imagine.

But even those who are generally reticent when it comes to publicly airing their political views are out there sticking two fingers up at the thought of being associated with what, if it was allowed to happen, would be a catastrophic socialist state failure. Even Gordon Brown's former city advisors are running the other way for fear of having their careers killed off by association.

We have worked way too hard over the last five years to stagger back into growth to allow these incompetents to tax and regulate us back into recession.

Like I told the Daily Mail today: "I'm one business owner who isn't going to keep quiet about the destructive power of having a business-hating government with Ed Miliband at the helm."

You'd think with so few friends in business after threatening to tax them all back to about 2008 the last time he had anything to do with the economy, Ed Balls might be able to remember the name of one of his few business supporters.

You would have thought given all the senior business leaders distancing themselves from all things Labour, Mr Balls might have had a few names written on the back of his hand before he went on telly last night. Especially after boasting that he had dined just that evening "with a number" of pro-Labour businesspeople.

But sadly the best he could come up with on Newsnight yesterday was "Bill... somebody", who turns out to be the chairman of Labour's Small Business Task Force, and maybe this morning amongst the list of the Shadow Chancellor's former friends?

Throughout Ed Miliband's leadership the Labour Party has been persistently, relentlessly anti-business. For example their pledge to bring back the 50p tax rate is simply suicidal for businesses. To working people it's meant to sound insignificant. It's only a 5p increase, you can't even get a packet of Haribo for that. But look at it another way, the policy involves the confiscation of half the profits of successful entrepreneurs who have been on the front line driving the country out of the recession. Labour's own former business minister Lord Myners described it as 'predatory taxation'.

Boots boss Stefano Pessina was right to be concerned by their message - and to sound the alarm. After all, he knows a great deal more about the creation of jobs - and the wealth that jobs bring - than Mr Miliband, who earlier this week claimed his "life experience" as a Treasury adviser and Harvard University lecturer should allow him to represent the people of Britain.

Given the fact that even my grandchildren have more experience of the business world than Miliband, I'm one business leader who is not going to keep quiet about his party's shambolic policies!