Ed Balls

Laura Trott was called out twice for her explanations around price changes this morning.
Things took a chaotic turn during Wednesday's Good Morning Britain.
The former MP told the Pop Idol star he'd "inspired" him to speak publicly about his own stammer.
Richard Holden clashed with the former Labour bruiser during an awkward grilling on Good Morning Britain.
Former chancellor faces a backlash for his austerity priorities.
The Fawlty Towers star has joined the controversial broadcaster amid a number of departures.
Michelle Donelan hit out after the former Labour MP said the Online Safety Bill doesn't go far enough.
The cabinet minister was responding to worries about an alleged Chinese spy supposedly working in parliament.
"I did not want to inflict this on our wonderful viewers for a full three hours."
The former shadow chancellor dropped the subject after sitting his O-Levels in the 1980s.