12/09/2017 12:10 BST | Updated 12/09/2017 12:11 BST

Overpaid Public Sector Pen Pushers Need To Pipe Down Over The Pay Cap!

One thing which really bothers me are scandalmongers who look to do nothing but cause trouble.

I call them busybodies, and the trade unions calling for strikes across the board over the 2013 1% pay cap are the personification of busybodies.

I think it's absolutely disgraceful that union leaders are demanding a 5% pay increase for all public sector workers, and on top of that threatening co-ordinated strikes! Totally ludicrous.

Now here's the thing... I do agree that the key workers in the public sector deserve a pay rise. 'Key workers' being the crucial phrase here.

I'm talking nurses, teachers, care workers, prison officers... not the entitled pun pushers in the civil service!

Let's not be blind to reality, some public sector workers are already paid more than their private sector peers and have excellent benefits including gold plated pensions, extra holidays and flexible working times.

Common sense tells us who is underpaid and who is overpaid and I'd argue that the desk jockeys who do nothing but increase the red tape, should be capped at 1%.

All the other key workers who are lower paid, should be given a 3% pay rise. We need to cherry pick these important people and give them the rate they're due.

But striking is not the answer, and this is why I think trade unions are nothing but trouble makers.

Key workers across the board are being encouraged by trade unions to go on industrial action which is just not adult.

We must negotiate and find a way to give our core people in the public sector the correct increase and I'd prescribe it as being a 3% rise.

All of the other grossly overpaid public sector pen pushers need to pipe down and get back to work!