Burnout amongst young NHS doctors and nurses is at its highest because of the coronavirus pandemic.
NHS staff instead want "more colleagues" and to be able to "take time off", she told MPs.
Unions hit back at health secretary for "digging in" despite inflation forecast indicating plan would result in real terms pay cut.
"Do you know I don’t have that figure at my fingertips," she told LBC's Nick Ferrari.
Medical workers have shared videos of staff singing and dancing in hospitals, in an effort to stay positive during the coronavirus outbreak. The cheerful videos show hospital staff performing dance routines and riffing on popular songs to issue advice about coronavirus in lyrical form.
Skyrocketing coronavirus deaths and infections among doctors and nurses reveal stories of bravery, betrayal and a total lack of preparedness.
Staffing levels in primary and secondary schools across England have dropped 26% since 2010.
They have chosen to live and work on a boat, without pay, to treat these women.
'I think everybody in the NHS feels like it is running on goodwill at the moment.'