24/06/2014 13:32 BST | Updated 23/08/2014 06:59 BST

The Truth Behind PETA

We have all heard of extremists, whether it be Christian extremists, Muslim extremists or Right Wing extremists - but what about vegetarian extremists? Well, that is exactly what People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (better known as PETA) are. From animal testing to eating cheese, it is all prohibited in the world of PETA! Despite what they say on their website, PETA is an evil organisation going against its' own ethos, using tactics such as graphic images and even targeting children through advertising to try and make people become grass eating vegans!

You may be wondering why I am so against PETA? Well, being as they are a sexist, discriminative, misogynistic organisation, every single one of you should be against PETA (unless you are sexist, discriminative and misogynistic yourself of course). I have no problems with vegetarians, as long as they keep their cardboard tasting plastic sausages away from me! If you support PETA currently, I presume it is because you do not know about the organisation. In this quick post, I hope to educate you about PETA and the doom and gloom they bring to us all.

Shock advertising is used all too often these days. Many big companies such as American Apparel use the tactic, and as a result gains lots of controversy and attention! PETA, like American Apparel, uses shock advertising which usually contains naked women, dead animals and even exploitation of tragic news events. They simply go out of their way to offend people. "To animals, all humans are Nazis" declares one advert accompanied with a picture of Jews in concentration camps. If that doesn't ring a bell, maybe you can remember PETA's publicity stunt where members dressed up as the KKK and protested in the streets of Westminster. Offended yet? What about this one, my personal favourite: "Got autism? Studies have proven there is a link with drinking cow's milk and autism". It would be laughable, except, PETA actually believe and promote this!

Targeting adults with graphic ads is one thing, but PETA even go further than that by targeting children! Not so long ago, the organisation handed out comics to children in the US entitled "Your Mommy Kills Animals". With such insensitivity as this, one wonders how PETA is still around and for how much longer they will be? According to them, in the near future, they will be world dominant and everybody will be vegans! When pigs fly maybe, which even to PETA's pig loving standards would be a miracle.

Away from the advertising, PETA claims that they always act within the best interest of animals. Wrong again! How is it that an organisation that is strongly against euthanasia lost 96% of its animals in 2011 due to death? Maybe they all died of old age - I highly doubt it? A recent article on The Huffington Post reaffirms this with the shocking statistic that in 2012, out of 703 dogs 'rescued' by PETA, 602 of them were killed with only 12 being adopted. In addition to this, 1,110 cats were impounded and 1,045 of those were killed! According to PETA, they kill 'unadoptable pets' except, they don't actually have a criteria for an unadoptable pet. Going back to the adverts as they infuriate me so much, PETA has a an annual budget of $33 million, most of that is spent on advertising with as little as 1% spent on helping animals.

Like animals? Own pets? Don't advocate PETA. If after reading this you still support PETA, you could well be on the terrorism watch list! Do not take that as a joke, PETA has close ties with the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front, both of which are considered 'serious domestic terrorist threats' by the FBI. By defending this organisation, you are defending a misogyny, insensitivity and pure ignorance! If ignorance is bliss, PETA are in heaven!

I am off for a bacon sandwich and a glass of milk, in the meantime please leave a comment on what your view is on PETA.