15/06/2015 04:47 BST | Updated 15/06/2016 06:59 BST

I Want People to Know That Cancer Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Life

Almost two years ago the doctors told me that I had cancer and that the outlook was very poor. But I'm still here, giving cancer a good kicking.

I was pretty naïve at the time. I didn't even realise that young people or children got cancer. I always say that finding out that I had tumours in my brain and spine (on the day of my school prom) was definitely the low point of my teenage years.

But in a lot of ways, despite the fact that my eyesight and hearing have been seriously affected by the horrible treatment I've been through, cancer has changed my life for the better.

Before I had cancer I suffered from serious anxiety, to the point where I struggled to get the bus on my own. It held me back a lot in life, making friends was difficult and school was tough.

But having to go through such a lot with my cancer treatment has helped me grow in confidence and I've gone from being too afraid to speak to people, to speaking out about cancer to help other people.

I set up my own You Tube Channel 11 months ago and I've been using it to vlog about how to cope with losing your hair during cancer treatment and deal with other people's reactions to your well as sharing my views on handbags, make-up, fashion and all the other things I love!

Now I'm giving back to the charity that's supported me throughout treatment, CLIC Sargent, by sharing my story in a new promotional film to raise awareness of cancer and how they help people like me.

A top agency called McCann Enterprise wanted to help CLIC Sargent out by doing a promo film for them for free, and found my YouTube channel. They decided to do the film all about me.

In it they use pictures and video of me from the past two years to show what I've been through, and to help people understand what it's like to have cancer.

I've had brilliant support since I was diagnosed. But not everyone is so lucky. At the moment CLIC Sargent is only able to give two out of every three young cancer patients all the support they need. They want to make it three out of three and I hope the film I'm in helps them attract some new supporters.

I'm still undergoing a course of targeted chemotherapy but the outlook is looking better. The tumours are beginning to shrink, and I want more people to know that cancer doesn't need to ruin your life.

Text THREE to 70007 to donate £3 to CLIC Sargent's #3outof3 campaign or visit

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