16/12/2015 05:09 GMT | Updated 15/12/2016 05:12 GMT

What Mums Really Want for Christmas


Image courtesy of cescassawin at freedigitalphotos.net

When I was little, my two sisters and I used to ask our mum what she wanted for Christmas and she always replied, "Three nice girls and breakfast in bed." At the time, I found it infuriating. But now, as a mum of two young girls, I'm beginning to understand what she was getting at. There's not much on my present wish list this year, but here's what I could really do with this Christmas:

1) More sleep. The baby days are gone, but what I wouldn't do for a lie in. Is it too much to ask to sleep until 8am? OK 7.00am? Yes I appreciate that is never going to happen on Christmas Day, but for just one day over the Christmas holidays, I'll take anything that is after 6am.

2) Peace. World peace would be amazing. Failing that, I'd love it if there was no fighting or arguing on Christmas Day, and that's just among the adults. Would it be too much to ask if the kids could refrain from squabbling? At the very least, I'll settle for no meltdowns from the 2 year old.

3) A Little Rest. I'd love to have half an hour of sitting down with a glass of something not being bothered by the kids or anyone else. Just for half an hour.

4) No Grumpiness. If all the moans and groans about the awful TV, rubbish weather, useless presents and state of the world in general could be put on hold until say the 28th that would be marvellous.

5) Health. It might sound cliché, but in a year where our family has had tonsillitis, pneumonia, chest infections and plenty of other nasties, I would love for us all to be fit and well over the Christmas break.

6) Food. Is it unreasonable to have one or two days where the entire family eats together without anyone picking at their food? And with no comments like "What's this?" or "I don't like this?" or "Do I have to eat this?"

7) Some Family Time. Every year we try and cram in seeing everyone we know into the space of a week off work. This year I'd like a few days at home on our own please.

8) Did I Mention Wine? A glass or two preferably of Prosecco or Rioja will definitely make my Christmas a bit more relaxing and enjoyable.

Clothes? Jewellery? Spa break? All lovely presents which I'll gladly accept thank you. Failing that, if I manage to receive even half the the things from this list for Christmas I'll be happy!

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