28/03/2013 12:27 GMT | Updated 27/05/2013 06:12 BST

Five Recession-Busting Apps That Will Help You Make Money

The phrase 'there's an app for everything' is used a lot these days but it is slowly becoming reality. This type of technology has come on in leaps and bounds since the development of smartphones and we are reaching a point where there almost is an app for anything you would want to do. Some are pointless, some are fun and others, like the ones in this list, could even help you make a bit of money on the side.

Everyone would love to make a bit of extra money if they could right? But it strikes me that these apps haven't had the technology PR that they deserve because there are a lot of people out there that don't know about them yet. So with that in mind I thought I would do a little technology PR of my own on their behalf and spread the word about these wonderful apps. A few of these are only available in the U.S for now but will hopefully be hitting a city near you soon.

GigWalk -

GigWalk is the brain child of three people who used to work for Yahoo and allows you to make money in the town or city where you live by completing simple tasks or 'gigs'. These could include little things like taking a picture of a shop sign or filling out a five minute survey but if you earn your stripes by effectively completing these then you could move up in the world. The better the feedback you receive the better 'gigs' you will be able to access.

Gigwalk is available on the IPhone and is totally free.

SwagBucks Search -

Are you the type of person that gets stuck in a loop for ages, searching things on the internet until you look up at the clock and realise you've lost an hour? Well instead of wasting time doing this for free; why not earn some money while you search? With the SwagBucks search swidget you can use your searches to build up points and then redeem them for gift cards and other goodies.

This SwagBucks search widget can be used on any android phone and again is absolutely free.

Parking Panda -

This app brings together all the people that have unused parking spaces at their property and the thousands of people who need somewhere to park on a daily basis. Many people cannot afford to pay some of the outrageous parking tariffs in cities today and many more drive to an unfamiliar city and don't know where they can park. So if you have an unused space then Parking Panda is the app for you. Simply register your parking space on the app and the price you wish to charge and start taking advantage of the people visiting your city every day.

Find Parking Panda in the IPhone app store and it should also be available for android phones in the near future.

IPinion -

Do you feel that you live in a world where your opinion just isn't heard? Well you can change that, sort off, with the IPinion app. There are millions of companies on the internet and they all want to find out how they fair with consumers in order to improve their customer service. Well IPinion lets you take advantage of this by filling out these surveys to earn points and then cashing your points in for rewards. This is a great way to fill any spare time and earn some money on the side.

This nifty app can be downloaded for free on any IPhone or android.

Airbnb -

Airbnb works in a similar way to Parking Panda but instead of using it to take advantage of people looking for somewhere to park their car; the people using Airbnb will be looking for somewhere to park themselves. This is great if you have a spare room or you live in shared accommodation and are going away for a few days. The app lets you register your room, set your price and minimum length of stay and then leaves you space to explain everything that is included with your room.

With hotel prices in big cities always being so high we could see more and more people turning to apps like this to find a place to stay. So consider this my piece of technology PR to help spread the word regarding this helpful app. The app has already made it across the pond to Europe and is now functional in popular cities such as London, Paris and Rome. Find it in the app store or on Google play and just like the rest of these apps; you won't pay a penny but you could definitely make a few.