18/09/2013 12:50 BST | Updated 18/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Food and Music Join Together to Move the World


Food and music have a lot in common. They both provoke emotions. They both inspire. They can both move people to act. And when combined together, food and music become all the more powerful, and could even have the potential to 'move the world'.

A new campaign, the No Hunger Orchestra, is exploring how we can use food and music to inspire people to join the fight against hunger.

Together with ECHO, Action Against Hunger's three European headquarters (the UK, France and Spain) are joining together to hold simultaneous music concerts across London, Paris and Madrid to celebrate World Food Day 2013.

The twist to the tale is that the instruments used in the concerts will be made from non-edible food parts. The concerts will be streamed live around the world and will be turned into an exclusive video to be released on World Food Day - October 16.

The No Hunger Orchestra is celebrating the fact that we are closer than ever before to ending child hunger. The solutions are proven, cost effective and sustainable and we are now reaching more malnourished children than ever.

In London, the live concert will take place at St Pancras International on Sunday 13 October at 4pm. The No Hunger Orchestra musicians will be joined by special guests, soul star, Bo Saris, and prolific choir the Urban Voices Collective, in what promises to be a fun and inspiring event.

People who cannot attend the concert can still be involved. Families are encouraged to make their own instruments at home and upload videos of them to the website for the chance to appear in the World Food Day celebration video.

Whilst there is much to celebrate with how far we have come in the fight against hunger, 3.5 million children are still dying of hunger related causes every year. Food really does have the power to move the world and with music thrown in to the mix, we can inspire people to show their support and join us to make a difference to lives around the world.