02/12/2015 07:23 GMT | Updated 24/11/2016 05:12 GMT

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for a Fitness Chick

What to buy your fitness-loving partner this Christmas (and what to really, really not buy)...

We have all sat there on Christmas Day, trying to hide our disappointment when we have finally opened that present from a special someone. You know, the gift we saved until last because we were so excited about it.

Last year my husband had been telling me for most of December how amazing his present for me was. He was convinced that I would be blown away by his carefully wrapped present and how was clearly proud about the thought he had put into it. He said he knew how much I love to work out and so wanted to get me something that I would use all the time. "He really knows me," I thought. Alas...

"I've always wanted a sauna suit" - said no one ever!

You can imagine how excited I was opening his present that Christmas. I was kind of hoping it would be the new FitBit, after all, I had been hinting about for most of December. I had left several catalogues conveniently open on the FitBit page and kept dropping them into our conversations on an almost daily basis. Surely, he couldn't miss those hints and he had said it was a gift I could use every day. It was definitely going to be the FitBit.

As I peeled back the wrapping paper, I couldn't believe it! I was definitely blown away. No words could explain how I felt at that moment. Yes, I enjoy working hard and am not averse to sweating in the gym. But seriously, a Sauna Suit? Who on earth would want to go to the gym looking like a foil wrapped turkey, literally dripping in fat? I had just done that to our own turkey and had no desire to replicate the look in public.

Hints won't work. Be very specific with your Christmas list

So, ladies, if you are hoping for a really cool fitness gift this year, please do not rely on him figuring it out for himself. No matter how well he knows you, that's just too risky. If you are not specific about what is a good/bad buy then you too could end up with a sauna suit or some other horrific gadget that claims to turn you into a Victoria's secret model in a day.

I appreciate that I probably sound really ungrateful and I suppose I am. But no one wants their partner to waste money and thought on a present that won't ever see the light of day.

So, here's my wishlist of what I would like to be opening this Christmas Day. Yes, I have also emailed this to my husband.

Having said that, I'm not holding out much hope as he has already asked me several times what my thoughts are on the 'Shake Weights'.

My Top 10 Christmas Wishlist (in no particular order)

1. Activity tracker

2. Fabletics subscription

3. MyGymBag

4. Weight lifting gloves

5. Sports Massage

6. Protein

7. Personal Training sessions

8. Go Pro

9. Six Pack meal storage bag

10. Wireless headphones

What you you buy the fitness chick in your life? What's the worst present you've ever had to unwrap? Let me know using the comments below or Tweet me at @TheFemaleFitnes