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It's about owning your own destiny and DIY - doing-it-yourself.

It's about owning your own destiny and DIY - doing-it-yourself.

My generation of 40 year olds are now embarking on the MLC - Mid Life Crisis. Every generation before us has had it, but until you have your own, like the self centred narcissists that we all are, it comes by surprise, just like the fact that you get older, slower and eventually we all will die. #doomandgloom

I was 40 on my last birthday. I spent a decade making babies and now I know that I have to make a change and seize my ambitions before I hit 50 and it becomes even harder to make a change. My generation are in the midst of the MLC - because we were raised on acid house and free parties. In our hearts we are still teenagers and we are fighting responsibility.

In my MLC - I want to make some honest TV which doesn't art direct your life into some cupcake utopia of homeliness but looks at the reality of trying a snipsy little bit to live a more sustainable life. My friend said " I don't get it, film something - show me 10 minutes of your idea.' But I don't do things by halves so I made a sample episode full of infinite possibilities. I showed it to a TV producer and he said in so many words, "broadcasters want perfection - ratings don't lie. Nobody wants to see you not bake a great cake! Although you are zingy and bouncy, which is nice."

So the computer says "no" but in my heart and stomach, which is that of a concrete elephant, I think my MLC is right so I am sticking with it. And I am searching for a sponsor or investor who agrees with me and wants to invest in a further 10 episodes.

There is more information on my tv show at my blog A Modern Military Mother.

How's your MLC working out for you?