12/06/2017 09:47 BST | Updated 12/06/2017 09:48 BST

Race To The Bottom?

Having read this back to myself, yes, I see the contradictions, but I'll forgive myself, as the chaos that was this General Election has left better minds than my own equally befuddled.

Many Tory voters were surprised Theresa May called an election with so much of the term left to run, and with a relatively comfortable majority. The inquest has already begun, and the MSM are jumping all over the Brexit issue being the main reason for the result. I believe this could not be further from the truth. Those who voted to leave are being subverted by Liberals who have over the last 25yrs have infiltrated the Conservative party. Theresa May, David Cameron, Anna Soubry (who in fact used to be a member of the SDP), and Kenneth Clarke who is not even a Liberal in hiding, he has been in the wrong party for years.

I heard gasps from many Tory voters, when fox hunting was mentioned for repeal. This was the first time many smelled a rat. Why on earth would the Conservatives be discussing overturning such a divisive and irrelevant policy, with so many more serious issues on the table. This was virtually TMs opening shot, followed hotly by the dementia tax. It soon became apparent that TM who was asked time and again if she was now fully behind the Brexit process having previously been a 'Remainer'. She became frigid and incapable of answering. Of course, she cannot appear to be dancing with glee at this result, but to many it is perfectly clear, this was an opportunity lost, and possibly on purpose. Yes, I am amazed those words made it onto the page. Those of us wondering about such a crazy notion, have been looking for the nearest tin foil hat shop! Almost instantly the likes of David Davis now in almost full reverse gear, contemplating remaining in the customs union, even though the implications of that is a virtual full reversal of the referendum vote, but without actually saying it. I believe this is political manoeuvring on his part, and that he has misinterpreted the result, rushing to the MSMs explanation. Of course who we all know the open secret, that strings are being pulled in the dark corridors, in a power struggle to have Britain remain in the EU.

Theresa May showed the public that in fact she was not strong and stable. Provided she knew the script before hand, as with PMQs, she could prepare. Aside from staged managed speeches, she was simply not nimble enough to tackle the issues and on the rare occasions she deigned to front up, one could see the hesitation and instability.

Of course the Communist party didn't need to do too much, other than make promises of free money. Who would turn away the offer of an extra few bob? But, even they appeared intent on losing without it being obvious. A 'garden' tax, how on earth was this going to help them gain any votes! With so many promises of free money, how did they not win with a landslide? My goodness, how inept was Labours campaign, Dianne Abbott to mention but one, of many outstandingly appalling exhibitions infront of the cameras. It was seemingly a most odd situation, with the two main parties trying really hard to out do each other in the race to lose! Quite extraordinary, that a Communist lead party, of terrorist sympathisers, could garner so much support, especially with such atrocities on our streets in recent weeks. My only explanation is the insistence by the Liberals in the UK, on gaining a degree at University. It doesn't matter how useless that degree may be, but of course it gives the opportunity to manipulate young minds, as it appears most universities are simply a hot bed of the far left.

UKIP vote was always going to collapse, and although they didn't say it, UKIP members knew what they needed to do and put country before party. But do not rule them out if things continue in this vein, there could well be a massive resurgence, if whoever is in power does not get a serious grip on migration which is crippling so many of our basic services etc, etc. Of course if they retain the likes of Neil Hamilton, their recovery could well be hampered.

SNP, of course the clue is in the name and they had their chance and blew it. I only foresee further backward steps in their future.

Lib Dems, proved the appetite for remaining in the EU and further referenda are simply NOT what the British public want, and they survive only in small deluded pockets of our wonderful country.

Having read this back to myself, yes, I see the contradictions, but I'll forgive myself, as the chaos that was this General Election has left better minds than my own equally befuddled.