29/04/2014 13:31 BST | Updated 29/06/2014 06:59 BST

The Best Worst Band in the World Are Playing the UK - Lord Have Mercy

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past half century, you will be aware that Japanese pop/metal act Babymetal are playing Sonisphere in early July. This probably means nothing to you, but keep reading and maybe what I have to say will make you want to go see them at the festival.

I've written about this band previously on the back of the viral Gimme Chocco!!! video currently doing the rounds on the interwebs:

If I'm being brutally honest, I did pass them off as a bit of a gimmick; I liked the music, but didn't really see much beyond a short-lived, one trick pony. But they piqued my interest and I was possessed (this really is the best word I can use here) to do a bit more digging and a month later have come to a pretty firm conclusion: Babymetal turn out to be an deadly serious heavy metal band. Let me explain.

Babymetal are not manufactured

They are precision engineered. If western pop is expertly produced but ultimately soulless tat, Babymetal are a cross between a Ferrari and a black panther; the whole project has been very carefully thought out and every component, from the musicians, choreography, costumes, song writing, has been crafted to perfection. As a die hard metal fan, I am impressed.

The backing band turn out to be exceptional musicians

Although the girls have been the only permanent members of the group, there are some seriously gifted artists kicking around on stage, and I wish people were more aware of this. I hope, in time, Babymetal will morph into a serious 7 piece with the likes of Mikio Fujioka (guitar), Hideki Aoyama (drums), BOH (bass), Takayoshi Ohmura (Guitar) sticking around permanently.

Suzuka Nakamoto is a very talented soprano

You won't hear this from the Gimme Choco!!! video above because of the incessant yapping of Yui and Moa (the two wee girls) and the close harmonisation during the chorus. Which is a shame because Su has a surprisingly strong voice. This video is one of her best, and it's live too!

The girls care

Apparently Moa, Yui and Suzuka had not heard of metal at the time of the bands incorporation and I really doubted that they would be that passionate about the project. But watching many of the live videos it's abundantly clear everyone is majorly into the music....which leads us on to one, last, fantastic, fun observation...

...The live gigs look rather jolly

This is an epic miss-understatement. I think I'm on fairly safe ground when I say Babymetal concerts look batshit insane:

So I lied, the best worst band in the world are not playing the UK this summer; just a very good metal band are playing the UK this summer. See you in the mosh'sh pit etc.

h/t Miracle Patiful Hamberger for the input.