Kate Moss v Kate Middleton - Style v Stuffiness

18/07/2011 15:32 BST | Updated 16/09/2011 10:12 BST

So Kate Moss finally got hitched and not surprisingly the whole event oozed style and rock n roll in true supermodel proportions ... and I don't mean stick thin.

Not a wedding 'day' for our Kate but a three-day affair. 'Mosstock' was practically a festival. So now that she has headed off in her Stella McCartney going away suit, what is the final verdict?

Well, having attended a few celeb weddings in my time and reported on many, I was hungry for the first pictures of the supermodel bride. As the images of the radiant Kate, in her cream Galliano creation rolled in, I was not disappointed.

Yes, you have got to hand in to the UK's most enduring supermodel. She managed to look not only beautiful but quite simply very, very Kate Moss - cool, sexy and with a touch of that 'devil may care' energy we love about her.

Contrast to three months ago and the global hit that was the Royal wedding of Prince William to 'the other Kate' - Kate Middleton. Yes, Royal Kate is fresh, elegant and made a 10-plus out of 10 as a beautiful bride. But her sense of style (so far) is safe, undefined and far too conservative for someone so young.

That's why Kate Moss' wedding rocked in every way. Not only did she look effortlessly graceful in her ornate, Edwardian style Galliano gown, she maintained an air of authenticity with her lack of fuss, the hippy curls and understated make-up. Okay, 15 bridesmaids was a lot of ballet pumps to buy in for her stylist (!) but hey, they 'framed' the iconic Moss brilliantly.

The guest list rocked too. From Mark Jacobs, Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell to a host of the coolest of British and US musicians and artists. Throw in the most controversial fashion designer of recent times - John Galliano, who designed her dress - and there's no denying that this was the wedding guest list to beat possibly all in terms of style A-listers.

Yes, all those foreign dignitaries at the Royal Weding were impressive, but who wouldn't want to tuck into a piece of wedding cake at the Moss-Hince reception? Especially if Jude Law is stood next to you?

And while Wills and Kate may have had their first dance to the inoffensive tones of Ellie Goulding (singing 'Your Song' by Elton John). Kate and Jamie's entertainment came from Mick Jones from The Clash and Beth Ditto - say no more. A reputed ocean of Louis Roederer Cristal bubbly (champagne) was guzzled too, ensuring that this wedding was guaranteed to have had one hell of an after-party.

The wedding list? Well that rocked too - it included 14 crystal ashtrays at about £240 each ($385) - this couple like to stub out their fags in style, naturally.

Finally, the cachet of having the legendary Mario Testino as the couple's official photographer means that the Moss wedding album (to be revealed in its full glory in Vogue, of course) will ensure that while Wills and Kate's wedding may be historical, Moss' will be iconic in its stylishness.

Okay, so, let's make a toast to Mrs Hince - Kate Moss wins the bridal style crown hands down for possibly the coolest wedding of the decade. And to Kate Middleton? Take a few risks...