"I reserve the right to cancel the show," the "Tears in Heaven" singer wrote in defiance of Boris Johnson's vaccination order.
The UK has reached the grim milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths. The country has been one of the worst affected by the pandemic and reached the number less than 12 months since the first case was reported in the country.
Hannah Deacon’s son Alfie has refractory epilepsy and after years of fighting in court, was given Britain’s first medicinal cannabis prescription to improve his quality of life. However, with only two weeks notice, the Brexit deal agreed upon by the British government means that Alfie can no longer import his prescription from the Netherlands, leaving the family to once again face having to fight to give Alfie any semblance of a seizure-free life.
As news channels showed freight drivers caught at the port of Dover following France’s decision to close its borders to try and contain a new mutant strain of coronavirus, Britain’s Khalsa Aid, a Sikh community group, swept into action to provide the drivers with food.
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is fighting against the institutions and systems in Britain to make farming a more diverse industry. He hopes that more diversity with the people involved will mean more diversity in produce and results.
Housing, communities and local government minister Robert Jenrick has had a meteoric rise to the Cabinet, only becoming an MP in 2014. One of the ministers entrusted to deliver the daily coronavirus briefings, his short time in the inner circle of government hasn’t been without controversy. At the beginning of the pandemic, he was accused of not adhering to the guidelines but now a decision he made on a property development is being called into question by opposing parties who see a conflict of interest.
With lockdown restrictions easing, non-essential retail stores have been able to open once more, with keen shoppers queueing up to get in.
NHS England has launched its test and trace system, hoping for it to be the lynchpin of the next phase of being able to lift lockdown restrictions. The new system will ask those displaying symptoms of coronavirus to isolate with their families and to contact NHS tracers to find out who else may have been exposed as Britain grapples with having one of the worst death ratios in the world.
As Britons are urged to resist the hottest day of the year so far and remain indoors where possible, the government give their daily briefing on their efforts to lower coronavirus deaths.
British people currently abroad will be helped to return home by the UK government, with a £75 million airlift operation. India’s lockdown causes a mass migration, the navy rolls into New York city as hospitals there continue to be overrun and one of Van Gogh’s paintings is stolen from a museum near Amsterdam.