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Wax On

Having not visited my homeland of Australia in two years, I was obviously very excited about heading back across the pond for a Christmas break. As the time approached, there were a number of things to consider, and hovering near the top of this list was finding a fabulous beautician to tend to my hair removal needs, with my main focus being 'who will hurt me the least'.

My last beautician experience left me very traumatised. At one stage I thought that I may have died, but the smell of tea tree oil mixed with incessant small talk roused me from my eternal slumber, leaving me to deal with my limp, lifeless talc covered body.

After much internet based research, and asking a number of PR types for recommendations, I settled on the amazing, much sought after Arezoo.

Known as the lady who introduced the Brazilian Wax to the UK, and with a stellar list of celebrity clientele including Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Daniel Craig and Jake Gyllenhall, I figured that this beauty phenomenon must indeed be a dab hand in the sensitive art of hair removal and the beautification of one's pre-summer holiday body.

After deciding that my brows and below were worthy of celebrity treatment (convincing myself it is an investment in my summer happiness), getting the appointment was the next hurdle. I spoke to Arezoo, and automatically felt compelled to tell her my whole life story - as superficial and lacking in depth as it is. I got the appointment and my body grooming fate was sealed. I was going to leave the beautifully discreet salon looking not dissimilar to Rosie Huntington Whitely (?!?!?) in my own very private, intimate way. My face would be framed with the spectacular brows sported by the perfectly coiffed woman that demand attention in glossy magazines. I would perhaps come face-to-face with Jake Gyllenhaal post having his man parts expertly sculptured to match his flawless chest.

I made my way through Knightsbridge after my specific instructions via text, and was then invited into a space emanating with a sense of calm and professionalism. Gentle chat and tea ensued, and then I was handed an ice cube - and the magic was about to happen. Now, Azeroo treated me like a blank canvas - her creativity and pride showing as she stood back, carefully making her decision as to her next move. I must admit to thinking that 'this woman has tended to some of the best bodies in the world. I feel so inadequate', but Azeroo would of course never think that way, and would probably be offended if she knew that one of her clients was thinking like that. Fast forward 30 minutes and I was handed another ice cube. I was almost done.

Moving up towards my face, Azeroo's assistant - closely trained and guided by Azeroo's expert eye, was aiming to achieve my relatively high expectations of 'most beautiful eyebrow in a lead role'. They were shaped to perfection, evening them out (most eyebrows are not symmetrical) and perfectly adhering to my request of a sculptured, quite heavy brow. (I once plucked my eyebrows in high school to the point that there was a teeny strand of eyebrow hair holding the thin line together. Awful). After about 1 hour, I was ready to leave. And I was happy.

I do not look like a celebrity, nor do I have the physique of one, but we can all treat ourselves to 5-star treatment right here in the heart of London. This is one idea that I urge you to consider indulging in with the hotly anticipated January pay day.

Salon: Arezoo


Phone: 020 7584 6868