17/10/2013 08:55 BST | Updated 14/12/2013 05:12 GMT

10 Things That You All Hate (Funny Google Autosuggestions)

Basically, Google tries to guess what you may be searching for by autocompleting your query. They do this by using data from previously searched queries by other people.

Below we have compiled 10 funny things that people hate so much they have turned to Google.

10. I Hate it When my Cat Smokes my Cigarettes


We can imagine this can be quite frustrating. Especially when he never replaces them and every time you ask for one of his all he has are menthols.

9. I Hate it When Jesus Rides Dinosaurs in my House


Jesus, if you insist of riding that creature in my house, can you at least take your sandals off and leave them by the door?

8. I Hate it When my Chinchilla Eats the Universe


It seems like chinchillas eating universes is a common problem. Thanks god for parallel universes, which means there are plenty to go around. Chinchillas, go ahead, treat yourselves.

7. I Hate When Hitler Steals my Nutella


Hilter, what is your obsession with Nutella? Yeah, we ourselves like the taste of hazelnuts, but you can't go around stealing now.

6. I Hate it When Voldemort Uses my Shampoo


You're in the shower, your lovely golden locks are wet, and you reach for that 2 in 1 shampoo. But what's this? The bottle is empty! Damn you, dark prince!

5. I Hate When I'm Studying and a Velociraptor Throws Bananas at Me


Remember kids: Studying is not only hard as it is, but it's also very important. What you don't want is a dinosaur throwing fruit at you while you do so - it can be quite off-putting.

4. I Hate When you Walk Outside and Someone Randomly Throws a Fridge at You


Picture this: You're casually walking down the street, when BOOM! Steve throws a fridge at you! Steve, not cool! And he wonders why no one like him.

3. I Hate it When my Toaster Goes Synchronized Diving


It's morning; all night you have been dreaming of spreading some butter on that golden toasted, brown bread. You run down stairs and all you find is a note. He's only gone synchronized diving! No, toaster, no!

2. I Hate it When my Turban Unravels and my Friends Find Out I'm the Dark Lord


It's not the best start to a day when your friends find out you're the dark lord. Next time you should have opted for super glue to glue that bad boy to your head.

1. I Hate When Spiders Just Sit There and Act Like They Pay Rent


Spiders, no one likes you! Especially when you live in our homes without permission. We feel you ought to pay some rent towards living expenses. We only find it fair.

Funny Google autosuggestions are always great to play around with, and if you have a spare 5 minutes we suggest you do.