18/11/2014 12:14 GMT | Updated 18/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Solange Knowles Broke Out in Hives on Her Wedding Day: This Is NOT Newsworthy

Solange Knowles married her video director fiancé, Alan Ferguson at a seriously hipster, all-white wedding ceremony in the Holy Trinity Church, New Orleans on Sunday.

The fact that the 28-year-old singer-songwriter/DJ broke out in hives following the ceremony, after what may or may not have been an allergic reaction to something she ate (or Jay Z as TMZ suggest), is no one's goddamn business. Nor should it be making headlines.


To the paparazzi who took it upon themselves to get up in Solange's face for the money shot, the one where the panic-stricken newlywed is being covered up by her sister, Beyoncé, in the back seat of a car? I loathe you and your total disregard for her privacy.

l refuse to acknowledge the grainy photos that highlight her discomfort, because, you know what? It's mean.

For obvious reasons, Solange is not shy in front of the camera and, yes, she signed up to being photographed in her several designer bridal outfits when she commissioned Rog Walker to capture the wedding party (and share the portraits on the glossy pages of Vogue), but guaranteed she didn't ok these pap shots.

For me, this is NOT news (slow clap for the genius who came up with Beyhive Alert: Solange Knowles Wedding Nightmare) nor do such headlines take away anything from the day or its resounding aesthetic beauty. Like those that honed in on the wardrobe malfunction angle, it's irrelevant bullshit and I'm not interested.

Breaking out in hives on any day, not least your wedding day is not ideal but Solange - a bride who biked to her ceremony in a cape and choreographed a killer routine to the Rae Sremmurd's No Flex Zone with her son Daniel Julez for her guests - doesn't strike me as the kind of woman who'd let it get her down.

She is, hands down, the coolest most beautiful bride I've ever seen - hives or no hives.