Tips and ideas for delivering an Oscar-worthy bride’s speech.
I thought I wanted a big wedding – but six guests was perfect
Hundreds of couples gathered in Bangkok city on 24 November to race in the annual 'Running of the Brides'. The couples compete for a grand prize of a fully-sponsored lavish wedding and honeymoon worth two million baht (£47,000 approx).
How can you avoid the misogynistic underbelly of the wedding industry? My first piece of advice is - share the load. A big part of the problem is that wedding planning is often another example of women being expected to spin infinite plates without complaint.
Even after all that planning, there may still be some slight emergencies. If you're getting married and don't know what you should include in your wedding emergency kit, you totally need to read this blog.
life less ordinary banner Sometimes other bridesmaids do become suspicious of me and my role. After all, it must seem strange that a person they have never met before is suddenly part of 'team bridesmaid.' I once had a maid of honor who was so suspicious of me that she started grilling me about my friendship with the bride and why she had never met or heard of me before. Thankfully the bride had warned me about this interrogation and I sat up the night before studying every bit of information about the bride so that it looked like I was a lifelong friend. I could even tell you who the brides first kiss was and when she lost her virginity!
It was a meaningful way to keep her grandma’s memory alive.
Madison Kantzer wasn’t the kind of little girl who grew up with a vision of her dream wedding. But she knew one thing for