This Genius Undergarment Allows Brides To Use The Bathroom Hassle-Free

Although you will resemble a giant marshmallow.

How to successfully manoeuvre a trip to the bathroom hassle-free, is a qualm many a bride-to-be has before their wedding day.

One brand, Bridal Buddy, has created a genius undergarment that aims to solve the problem.

They have created a white slip, which is intended to allow brides to go to the toilet in their wedding dress without the need for any bridesmaids’ assistance... although it will make you resemble a giant marshmallow.

Twitter / Shark Tank

All the bride has to do is scoop the fabric of her dress into a bag around her waist.

The slip was designed by Heather Stenlake, after having spent years working as a bridal consultant. She invested $40,000 (£30,957.36) into her idea.

Stenlake took her design to ‘Shark Tank’ - an American TV show with a format similar to the UK’s ‘Dragon’s Den’. The show aired on Friday 12 May, with Stenlake seeking $75,000 (£58,050.00) for a 10% equity in her company.

Available in two sizes, petite and average/tall, and priced at $29.95 (£23.18) the Bridal Buddy is available to buy online.

With over a million views of an explainer video on YouTube, the handy invention is already proving to be a success.


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